HallieDaily is a colorful personal style and fashion blog (bi-lingual) that features everything from outfit ideas, affordable DIY, style tips, and fun designer spotlight collaborations, together with travel and family fun stuff and much more. HallieDaily not only gives her global readers ideas about what to wear everyday, but also shows them where and what to shop for to get the current trends; she also shares the full-time wife and mom’s healthy living ideas.

Created by Fashion & Beauty Expert, Hallie Swanson, HallieDaily chronicles her stylish adventures and latest projects from her hometown in Los Angeles to her birthplace in China and all the way to New York, Miami, and wherever else she travels! Hallie Swanson used to work for 2 years as a TV Sport reporter in China, and later worked as a Chinese Foreign Affairs Officer responsible for cultural and economic exchanges between Chinese government agencies and foreign countries around the world.  Now she is settled down and living with her husband, and their 9-year old son (Nick name: Red Bear) in Los Angeles.

Blogging as a new immigrant to the U.S. and new mom, Hallie takes you on a stylish ride inside her fashion world and her life experiences, while sharing her expert advice and tips with plenty of happiness and positive ideas.  In 2013, Hallie was selected as one of the 20 most stylish women in the world in the Vanity Fair International Best-Dressed List.

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