Weekend Inspiration: Pink Faux Fur Coat


One of my favorite pictures that I found via Pinterest (Please contact me for picture credit if this picture belong to you.)

Updated: Thanks to Em for telling me this picture is —-  Clemence Poesy for Glamour UK February 2012 issue. Photographer: David Oldham / Stylist: Sophie Cooper /Hair: Lisa Eastwood /Make-up: Lisa Eldridge /Model: Clemence Poesy)

I can’t help it, I will always be a big fan of pink in different shades. Love so much this pink fur (I hope it’s faux fur) coat that is paired with a floral dress and a pair of pink shoes and pink Mulberry bag, so feminine, and romantic!  Although I have have a couple faux fur coats in my closet, but the search to find a “perfect”  faux fur coat is endless, and the “smoky pink” is a dreamy Need!

In Chinese:  上面的这张图片是我在Pinterest  上收藏的最喜欢的图片之一(如果相片的主人看到的话,请联系我,我一定会在相片里加注出处。谢谢!)


Shop some of my favorite faux fur coats below:


12 Replies to “Weekend Inspiration: Pink Faux Fur Coat”

  1. I love it!! This is perfect piece to bring a soft and feminine touch to a men-inspired look.

    FLARES THE BOHO POLISHED WAY…latest at: MySmallWardrobe.com

  2. That inspiration picture is gorgeous!


  3. i love this image it is one of my favorites

    it is clemence poesy for glamour magazine by david oldham

    1. Thank you very much em! Just looked at your tumblr! Totally in love!

  4. Yes, this pecture is amazing!!!. Muakes from Seville (Spain)!!.

  5. I’ve been thinking about pink coat lately too…not faux fur, because it’s too much for me, but pink colored.

  6. such a perfect inspiration! Love the pink faux fur coat so much! <3

  7. 我也是好爱这种大衣的,最近也买了件:)

    Shall We Sasa

  8. Prudence Yeo says:

    I love pink too and the first pink furry coat is so gorgeous and glamorous! Love it!


  9. the furry pink coat is so cute!


  10. 看了又看 says:


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