What To Wear To a Beach Side Dinner

Aloha from Hawaii! We are enjoying our family Hawaii vacation so far — thank you who are following our journey on my Instagram.

We just washed the sand off our feet and made a quick change to a beach-side family dinner.

What I learned about the local Hawaiian style, besides wearing breathable, tropical clothes –there are no high-heels here! Even Red Bear noticed that! I actually did pack a pair of wedge shoes together with a couple sandals, but it turned out I didn’t have many chances to wear them.

In Chinese: 我们在夏威夷向你问好!



Tonight I am wearing an eyelet dress I got from Nordstrom. I like that it is very simple and the color is cheerful for the island life. Shop my other favorite dresses that are perfect for a beach-side dinner.

In Chinese: 今天穿的这条裙子是在Nordstrom 买的。红色红得很漂亮,很是适合岛上的亚热带风情。下面我还挑了一些适合在海滩边用晚餐适合穿的裙子,大家不妨参考下。

These sandals I am wearing today are from Katharine Page. They came with straps around the ankle, but I cut them off and wear them as slides! They are more comfortable this way, and it’s a light way to walk around and even pack inside my bag when walking on the beach. I also packed these sandals with me — love them! I also love these sandals for beach side.

In Chinese: 我今天脚上穿的这双鞋来自Katharine Page ,鞋子本来是系带系脚踝的,但我自己把系带(皮的)给剪了,感觉这样穿更舒服,更随意,轻轻的放包里也没问题。对了,我这边旅途也还带了这双凉鞋,也好穿。下面是一些适合在海滩边穿的时尚凉拖推荐。

There are more pictures from our Hawaii trip coming soon! Thank you for visiting today!



What I Wore:

Eyelet Dress  // Katharine Page Sandals // Sunglasses // Earrings // Bag (similar )


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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Love ❤️ the orange red colour, such a delightful look for a fun dinner evening by the water 💦! 🙂

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