Aug 022011

Some random shots from a couple days ago when we went out for a casual family dinner. I was planning to match these pants with a white blouse, but then I thought it’s too flat, so I found out this purple top which had been abandoned by me for a couple years.  Add to that a burgundy suede vintage bag, and  nude/burgundy mix Miu Miu heels, and Bob kept telling me, “I like it, I like it!” …

In Chinese: 几天前一家人出去吃饭, 随便拍的一些相片. 本来我是打算拿这条兰青色的裤子配一件白衬衣的, 但是后来想想又觉得太平淡, 索性来个冒险, 玩个撞色, 找出了这件已经被我遗弃了好几年的紫色上衣来搭配, 再加上一个绒皮的葡萄色的仿古包包, 和一双裸色与葡萄色相间的Miu Miu 高跟鞋, 我老公一直在和我说:”好看好看! 我喜欢! “:)

One of my favorite color blocking combinations is green and yellow, and when Red Bear wore this green Tee and stood beside the yellow fire hydrant, it really opened my eyes!

在玩撞色游戏中我最喜欢的应该算是绿色撞黄钯. 当时看到穿着绿色T恤的Red Bear站在这个黄色的消火栓旁, 我的眼睛顿时被吸引过去了….

I was wearing: Teal Pants c/o American Appareal

Forever21 top

Miu Miu Heels

Vintage Bag

H&M bracelet and ring

Red Bear was wearing: Green Tee c/o American Appareal

Gap Shorts

  15 Responses to “We are All doing Color Block!”

  1. Hahahaa! Yeah, Red Bear’s color blocking looks pretty good! Green and yellow, good! But to be honest I like yours best lol! The colors look great together and OMG the shoes are so to die for!! Miu Mius <3 I hope that one day I'l be able to afford a pair as beautiful as this! :D But I think that what makes this outfit THAT gorgeous are the accessories. The feather earrings are adorable and all these bracelets AHMAZING! :D Beautiful as always <3 ;)
    P.S. I just chose the items I want to buy from Romwe *huge smile*!

    • Hallie

      sighs,,,look at you, how old are you? and now you know everything about fashion, in my 18 years old? I didn’t know what’s Miu Miu, seriously! not to mention other fashion stuff, :D
      Don’t forget to send me some pictures after you got romwe:D

  2. 再次看到这双鞋,仍然只有一句:“好美!”

  3. 好看好看,我也很喜欢。对Hallie说的。很有知性美与时代感。充满活力的那种。耳环我一直都喜爱,但有的夸张的我是驾驭不住的。Hallie你就做得到啦。RB的裤子有点大吗?宽宽的?不过黄色与绿色真的很容易撞到的颜色。这两个色一起的话,我想起飞行棋。四个颜色,红,蓝,黄,绿,我从小就把红,蓝一对,黄,绿一对这样摆的。哈。。

    • Hallie

      好吧, 你们都同意我老公的看法, 呵呵…反正我自己还是不喜欢….
      小时候你也玩飞行棋吗? 我也玩呢, ,,呵呵…又提成旧时回忆…

  4. 小欣媽咪



    • Hallie

      不知道为什么, 有时候穿起旧衣服来总觉得没有感觉, 或者是没有新鲜感了吧, 反正总是想买新衣服就是了, 呵呵

  5. 看了又看


    • Hallie

      为什么你们都喜欢呢? 嘻嘻, 说老实话啊, 我自己对这套搭配真的不是很感冒, 喜欢不起来, ^^

  6. I love this colour combo and I think is better that u chose this top instead of a white one. And these Miu Miu heels…<3 <3 <3

  7. hallie我觉得你好像又瘦了呢

    • Hallie

      是吗?我天天喝一包减肥茶, 然后加一大堆零售,哈哈...老公老经常叫说,你这是浪费钱...

  8. This is a wonderful look and I am glad you skipped the white top and went with more color. Great instincts served you well!

  9. I like your cool colors color block! I’ve mostly just been seeing bright colors togehter or bright and dark. Nice!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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