Two Sets

After some big rain, Los Angeles is having wonderful weather here. The most thing I missed about when I was in China? Beside my husband, that would be the beautiful southern California weather.
The floral blazer was one of my recent purchases.  I really think it is a perfect investment piece for this Spring/Summer. Flowers are so huge right now, don’t you think?
Thanks to Lovebeads2011 for giving me this lovely and beautiful bracelet, they have a lot of other amazing pieces like these, go check it out.  If you are interested, until May 13, each person can have a free photocharm (worth British £9.99, which is $15.83 in U.S. dollars) by just leaving your email on their site and paying for £3.99 (that’s $6.32 in U.S. dollars) shipping & postage. Mother’s Day is coming soon, and it’s always good to have more options for what to give to your mom, or somebody you care about. 🙂

In Chinese: 下了两三夜的大雨, 洛城又迎来了其”招牌”好天气. 其实在中国的那些天, 除了思念老公, 最思念的就是南加州的美美的天气了.

这件花朵图案的西装外套是最近的新购哦, 价格不便宜, 可是觉得对于这个春夏而言, 应该是一件很值得投资的单品吧. 花朵图案本季红得不行, 同意不?

谢谢Lovebeads2011送的这条漂亮的手链,  他们网站漂亮的饰品好多, 如果你感兴趣的话, 可以自己看看去. 于5月13日前, 每位朋友只要在该网站留下你的邮件和支付3.99英镑的运费, 就可以免费获得一条价值9.99英镑的带相片的小挂件. 母亲节快到了, 给大家提供多一个给母亲送礼的点子, 也许,在你的心里还有某一位你也是想送出礼物的?

In Both outfits: Floral Blazer: Truth & Pride Rose Print Silk Menswear Jacket//Watch: Michael Kors// Bracelet: Thanks to Lovebeads2011//everything else from Zara, Lancome Lipstick(Coral Ribbon)


18 Replies to “Two Sets”

  1. Hallie, what a beautiful floral jacket! it’s so springy! oh heck, I’m just so in love with every piece you have on!
    xo, Tina

  2. Reading your blog almost everyday, i have been keeping silence for a long long time.Today i just can´t hold myself for more time, this update just like a sweet bomb,it makes me scream.Both outfits are so so gorgeous,the colores of the season,just fantastic!!!LOVE IT !!!

  3. Looove both outfits!Those are my fave Zara shoes currently,but they never arrived in Zara near me:-S Love the color blocking!

  4. 同1件上衣穿搭出2種不一樣風格!裙裝甜美、褲裝清新,2種風格我都喜歡!

  5. I love you!!! You are great dear Hallie!!!
    Fantastic skirt with this sandals!!! The second look, i loved your pants too!!!
    The sandals is magnific!!! I have a black!!! 🙂
    Kisses ~.~
    Have a great week darling!!!

  6. Great outfits!I love that gorgeous skirt!

  7. Hallie! I missed you! Hope you and Red Bear feel better 🙂 Yeah, indeed, beautiful weather is a hard thing to leave behind… but then again nowhere is like home 😛 And it’s Mother’s Day soon..yes…I had totally forgot it. Now, what will I gift to my mom?? So hard to decide..
    Anyway, both outfits are so adorable. The first one is gorgeous, love so much this peplum skirt and the shirt! And also the pants of the second outfit. And EVERYTHING! I love every single piece of yours! I think it’s all about your aura 😛 Many many kisses!

  8. Cute peplum skirt.

  9. This is by far one of the best ensembles I’ve seen this Spring! I love the combination of prints and textures. You have a knack for putting together some awesome pieces. Great job and I’d love for you to visit my blog.


  10. I’m crazy about both of your outfits! Especially how you fastened your shoes around the bottom of your pants 🙂

  11. 花花图案和艳色的衣服真的很配Hallie呢。。

  12. This is such a beautiful springish outfit. Love the colour combo and how you mixed everything sooo good. Hope Red Bear is feeling better now. Xoxo

  13. The looks are both stunning … i love that shoe gal…shuuuuuu
    i’m still waiting for that email dear….Please do not dispoint me, prettyr pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaze 🙂

  14. Love both outfits… You really inspire me with your combinations…You are so good in mix matching everything… 🙂

  15. Adore both ensembles. Such creative and color infused outfits that can serve as a textbook for elegance and charm!

  16. Love that floral blazer and those shoes.

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