How To Turn a Graphic Tee Into Street Style

Graphic Tees are Summer must-haves, from men to women, from kids to seniors. I bet almost everyone has at least one graphic tee inside their closet. It’s a basic element, and different people choose different graphic tees to express the individual personality.

We wear graphic tees at home, to the school, on the weekend, and to travel. But let me tell you my way to turn the graphic tee into street style.

In Chinese: 带图案的T恤衫夏天一定会有,从男人到女人,小孩到老年人,估计每个人的衣橱里都会有一件带图案的T恤衫吧。这是一款很基本的夏季单品,不同T恤衫上的图案体现穿者的态度和个性。


What I Wore:

RosieAssoulin Smiley Tee // H&M High Waist Pants // Mini Lady Dior Bag // Chanel Oxfords // ASOS Pearl Earrings // Gucci Sunglasses

What I Wore:

Outfit 2: Victoria Beckham Minnie Dancing Tee // H&M Flare Pants // Zara Polka Dot Shoes // Vintage Chanel Bag


1. Make it fun! Beside wearing your graphic tee with your favorite jeans or shorts, there are many other ways to wear a graphic tee, like a pair of high waist pants with bow tie belt, or a pair of flare pants.

2. Keep your flip-flops home or around the pool or the beach, instead, wear a pair of classic oxfords or a pair of sleek slingbacks.

3. Don’t be afraid to try something new, like adding a pair of dropped pearl earrings, or make a “high bun” hairdo — it’s easy and comfy for the hot summer days anyway.

In Chinese:

  1. 穿出有趣的花样。穿图案T我们一般会配条牛仔裤或是一条热裤,可以试着配条高腰裤,腰间打个大蝴蝶结,或者是配条时下很流行的宽摆层叠裤脚裤。看上去很新鲜也很别致 。
  2. 咱们人脚一双的夹脚凉拖留着在家或者去游泳池边或海边穿吧。要穿出街拍时尚感,不妨配些经典单品,比如一双经典的牛津鞋或者是一双尖头高跟鞋。
  3. 大胆尝试加入些流行及热门元素。比如一副长耳环,也可以在头发上弄出花样,编发或高盘发也很适合夏天,给全身的图案T造型带来青春活力。


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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Awww, so cute the Minnie dancing tee shirt 👚 is sooo adorable! Love ❤️ love ❤️! 🙂

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  2. FGraphic tees are such a huge trend right now! First outfit is simply amazing!!!

  3. Love both looks, they are so fun!

  4. Love adding graphic tee to any outfit to add a casual, fun vibe!


  5. Your graphic tees are so adorable, Hallie! Loved this post!


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