Fall Must-have: Tweed Jacket

One thing I like about a good tweed jacket is that it reminds me of the always elegant Coco Chanel, a very confident lady who knows what she wants most of the time. The materiel itself is nice and so good to our skin, too. In Chinese: 粗花呢外套总是让我联想起COCO Chanel, 很有自信很优雅的一个女人,总是知道自己想要什么并且努力的去追求。 我喜欢秋天穿粗花呢的原因还有就是对皮肤好,不起静电。 What I Wore: Tweed […]

Fall // Tweed Jacket & Distressed Jeans

Happy Monday, friends! Throwing a tweed jacket with a t-shirt, ripped jeans, and then finishing with some comfy heels is a very good idea for the Fall style,  Try it — you’ll like it! In Chinese: 亲爱的朋友们周一好。 小香风粗花呢夹克,简单的配件白T和破洞牛仔裤,配中高低跟简单款鞋皆好,这是一款很不错我很推荐的很适合在秋季的搭配。没试过的朋友快快试起来,优雅都市风走起。 What I Wore:  Tweed Jacket // Levi’s 501 Distressed Jeans // Chanel Two-Tone Slingbacks (Similar ) // Chanel Bag // H&M Pom Pom Key Chain // Gucci Sunglasses (similar )// […]