Apr 102014

HallieDaily Red and Fur_6

You know how your life looks like when your computer breaks down, I am having such a terrible moment right now!  Recently I made a choice to get myself a new MacPro, where I had always used Windows computers before.  When I call it “NEW”, that means everything is new to me, and now I have to learn how to use everything that I was good at on my old computers.  I know I will do that — I taught kids how to use computers when I was in high school as a part-time job — but learning everything new takes a lot of time, and sometimes it is very frustrating, too.  My dad often says he doesn’t like new things, because he doesn’t like change.

“Change means that what was before wasn’t perfect. People want things to be better”. Esther Dyson ——That’s how I look at it.

In Chinese: 你可能也遇到过这种难过又难受的日子,就是你的电脑坏掉了。现在的我就是如此,前几天做了个选择给自己换了台新苹果电脑,我说“新“吧,就是什么都是新的,以前自己所擅长的电脑知识现在全部得更新换代(咱以前在学校的时候可是有靠晚上教人用电脑赚学费的)。这几天用新苹果很不习惯,很花时间,还很头疼。以前我老爸就老说他不喜欢新东西,因为他不喜欢有变化。


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Apr 042014

HallieDaily EyeLet Jumpsuit, Floral Clutch_4

I think one of the biggest online shopping problems is the size issue. For example, I have been shopping in J.Crew for a long time, but never have bought a jumpsuit from them. I wear size 2 on top, and size 00 in the bottom for J.Crew; when I bought this jumpsuit, I went for my normal top size, but turned out this jumpsuit is way too big in the bottom. This is a beautiful piece,and as with other popular styles, this jumpsuit has already sold out online, and there is no way I can do an exchange.
I do still like the slouchy look on myself though, at the same time I want go find a tailor and give the jumpsuit a better fit.
What do you think about online shopping? What’s your main issue when you shopping through the internet?

In Chinese: 我觉得网购最大的问题就是尺码的问题。 就拿今天我穿的这件J.Crew 家的连体衣来说, 虽说我已经在她家买了不少东西,可是买连体衣是第一回,我在J.Crew家上衣穿2号,下身穿00号,所以买这件连体衣的时候按上身尺寸来买, 结果现在看起来觉得应该买小1号的。和她家其他受欢迎款式一样,这件连体衣已经售空,我也没法换。



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Apr 022014

HallieDaily, Knit Top & Tulle Skirt_1This outfit was shot last weekend, before my husband left for a week’s oversea trip. So I have been taking care of our son and our home alone for couple days.

Right now, looking at these pictures, somehow they make me feel these images are so far away from the real life. I am wearing jeans + tee + Sneakers +parka combination almost everyday these days. Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you I am going to change my style now, it just makes me realize, sometimes, fashion is mostly for fun, there are always other things more important than what are we wearing in life.

The day after our son finished his first Little League baseball game, he complained to me and said, “Mommy, you were not watching me playing, you were only looking at your phone.”  I felt so bad at that moment. These days, I have been trying to reduce my time on all kinds of electronic equipment and spend more time with the little guy and spend more time talking with other parents, too. This doesn’t mean I will quit blogging, I like it when I keep “fashion + blogging” as a habit,  in an organic and healthy way.

In Chinese: 老公这段时间在出远差, 这套搭配也是在他出门前替我拍的. 所以这段时间都是我自己一个人照料着家和孩子.

今天, 现在, 看着这些相片, 让我感觉相片的意境和现实生活真的差好远. 现在自己带孩子的这几天, 几乎每天都是牛仔裤加T恤加球鞋的搭配, 每天都很忙. 不过千万可别误会我说想要改变我的穿衣风格. 只是这段日子让我感觉 , 时尚和穿衣很多时候都是为生活增添乐趣, 而我们每天的生活中的很多东西也比每天穿什么来得重要得多.

那天RB第一次参加小棒球联盟赛, 过后他抱怨着对我说:”妈妈你都不用心看我打球, 每次看你都在看手机.”, 听完这番话, 让我难受了许久, 我没有意识到, 这小家伙在打球的同时, 也在关注我, 也在在乎我的感受. 所以这段时间, 我都在不停的告诫自己说要尽量远离手机电脑, 把更多的时候花在与孩子和其他家长的对话中. 我还没有停止写博的打算, 而是尽量的, 把”时尚与博客” 归为爱好和兴趣, 并让这一兴趣朝着健康的方向发展.

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