Fall Layers: Gray Coat , Sweater Dress and Scarf

A couple weeks ago, a Singapore-based kid’s wear design line CAVALIER Vault contacted me and wanted to work together.  After looking around their website, I was really impressed by their kidswear design, it’s super fun and cute, and I haven’t seen this kid’s pants anywhere else before.  I was really curious about how it would look on Red Bear. In Chinese: […]

Scarf Season: Reiss Red Coat and Vintage Cropped Jeans

When it comes to a coat choice, I am always attracted by this style of coat: big collar, longer and can cover my bottom, wool, or mostly wool — they are so easy to match with EVERYTHING. With rare color like this coral, it’s a plus. In Chinese: 我在选大衣的时候,总是被这种款式的大衣所吸引:大翻领,长度稍长,高于膝盖一点点,羊毛或大部分羊毛.搭配起来的时候非常好搭,也许可以说百搭.至于颜色嘛,黑灰总不会出错,但是遇上象今天穿的这款红色,少见且很有女人味,深得我心.

Weekend Mission

Last weekend, we got a chance to revisit San Fernando Mission again(last visit here), and once again, we met another wedding party taking pictures in the garden.  The Mission is a romantic place with amazing weather, so it’s no surprise that Love is growing and expanding there. 🙂 In Chinese: 上个周末, 我们全家又一次访问了San Fernando Mission教堂花园(去年的这篇文章就有提到过哦), 正如我们所料,  和上次造访一样, 我们又遇见了一群举行婚礼的人群. 一块浪漫祥和的地方, 风和日丽, 我可以想象, 那足以让很多爱滋生与发展. […]

Paisley Scarf

After seeing the Jil Sander S/S 12 paisley print style, I can’t get the paisley print out of my mind.  I’ve been searching for something that comes with the perfect paisley print, and this H&M scarf caught my heart the first time I saw it. In Chinese:  从一开始看到 Jil Sander 2012春夏系列里出现的涡纹印花系列, 我的脑子里就对这种印花念念不忘, 一直想找些印有完美涡纹印花的单品, 而第一眼看到这条H&M的围巾, 便一见钟情. H&M Paisley print scarf, J.Crew Blouse, […]

How About Pink and Red

In all kinds of color blocking games, pink and red is one pair that I would never have thought to play. The other day, when I organized my closet and saw this scarf, the red and pink tone in this scarf caught my eyes and mind.  “Why not play with pink and red once?”   And, of […]