Jan 082012

I heard that being a blogger, you have to know a little bit of everything.  My experience? Being a mom, you have to know more than a little bit of everything, like fixing your kid’s toy, glue some broken tiny or mini-part from his toy, answering millions of “Why this? Why that?” … And reading him books with so many different and complicated vocabulary that you never learned before, like different types and names of dinosaurs.

Fixing Red Bear’s Transformer toy in the last picture, and, of course! I can transform any of them very easily now!  Red Bear has given me a new career—-robot engineer!

In Chinese: 听说要成为一个’博主”,  你得什么玩意都懂那么一点点. 我的经验嘛? 做为一个妈妈, 你得什么东东都要多懂一点点, 比如修理孩子们的玩具, 粘贴玩具掉下的微小零部件啥的, 还要回答上百万个’为什么”…..对了, 还得给他念那种很复杂的书, 里面有很多以前没学过的单词, 比如不同类型恐龙的名字.

最后一张相片是在修理RB的变形金刚, 当然我现在搬弄这些玩意是轻而易举的事! 所以Red Bear给我加了一个新”职业”—- 机器人机师!

 I was wearing; H&M coat, American Apparel Sheer shirt, Zara print Pants, Alexander Wang loafers Pumps, H&M sunglasses, my vintage Wallet(about 10 years old), YSL ring(right hand) and Forever21 Ring(left hand)

Sep 032011

This weekend is a long Labor Day Weekend in USA here.  This morning, we went to one of our favorite restaurants for breakfast, it specializes in breakfast and you can eat outside.  Once we were seated in the patio, Red Bear started hanging around the other tables with children and make some little new friends. (Trust me, some of them are very sociable:) including Red Bear).

Little bit later, a lady came to us and talk to me and my husband. She said she have been seeing us almost every weekend there, and she just wanted to say hi today and said maybe someday we could bring Red Bear to play with her granddaughter ( they are almost same age).

Then she started talking to me about her nail polish — OMG, she has so many colors on her hand and toe nails, every her toe has different color, so much polish!!!! hahaah,,,anyway, it’s always happy to know and make a new friend.

Just like you — I hope you don’t mind I treat you as my friend when you are reading this!  Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and many thanks to those who have been voted for me in the Chictopia Influential Blogger of the Year Award and have been with and supporting me all the way since I started my blog. I love you guys so much!

“Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.
Walk beside me and be my friend.”
– Albert Camus

In Chinese: 这个周末在美国是劳工节的长周末. 大清早, 全家人就去了一家周末常去的餐馆, 在庭院里用早餐, 就座不久, Red Bear就开始四处游荡寻觅机会交些新的小朋友了.(相信我, 这些小朋友们有的绝对是社交天才, 当然包括Red Bear:)

过了不久, 一位女士走向我们, 开始和我以及我丈夫交谈起来, 她说她经常在周末的时候看到我们在那里用早餐, 所以今天特别想问个好, 说是也许哪天我们可以带上Red Bear去和她的孙女玩(他们应该年龄相仿).

聊着聊着, 这女士开始和我谈起她的手指和脚趾甲的颜色, 我的天啊, 她的甲油颜色绝对是太丰富了! 看着她穿着一双夹角拖, 每个趾甲都有不同的颜色, 呵呵, 真的可以用色彩斑瓓来形容..话归主题, 能交到和认识新朋友, 总是一件很开心的事情.

就象坐在电脑前看着这些文字的你. 希望你要不介意我把你当成我的朋友, 谢谢你来看我的博客, 更要感谢那些已经在Chictopia最具影响力年度博主颁奖替我投票的朋友们, 还有从我开博至今一直陪我走过来的朋友们, 真心的爱着你们!

Albert Camus的一句格言: “别走在我前面, 也许我不会跟随, 也不要走在我背后, 也许我不会引导, 就请走在我身边, 做我的朋友就好!”

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