Sweet Rose, Sweet Life

It’s our Anniversary Morning, Roses handed picked up by Bob, and tied by me (as you can tell, those ribbons came from Net-a-Porter’s shopping bag!:))   We haven’t decided where to have dinner tonight, but we know there are a lot of sweet things going on…:) If you are ever curious where Red Bear has been […]

Recent Seen

Sometimes when I post a “seen in the press” article, I have a little bit of worry, that people might think I want to show off or something. But to be honest, I just want to show how much I appreciate those people who like my style and want to spread their love for me, and […]

Recent Seen

Today I want to share with you some recent places I’ve been seen. 1. Home page featuring in Chictopia at Jan 17, 2012 In Chinese: 今天要和大家分享一些最近部分媒体对我的推荐. 1.. 一月十七日, Chictopia的首页推荐, 谢谢! 2. Thanks to Boy meets girl, featuring me in their homepage! 2. 谢谢Boy meets girl这个品牌网站, 将我的搭配相片引用于其网站首页. 3.Found this through Google search the other day, Thanks Grazia daily.co.UK 3. 最近才发现的, 在Grazia daily.co.UK的一篇文章, 介绍背包的流行 . […]

Sunday Talk

Something want to share with you on this beautiful Sunday morning! But rain and cold weather are coming tomorrow in Los Angeles base on the weather report,.  Stay warm! In Chinese: 在这个美好的周日清晨, 有些东西想和大家分享! 但是听天气预报说,洛城明天是又下雨又降温, 大家要注意保暖哦! 1. Featuring again in NYMag The cut blog—-the week in style blogs 1. 再次登榜纽约时尚杂志网站The cut blog—-本周时尚博客 2. Homepage featured in Chictopia at 05, Dec. 2011 […]