Recent Seen

Sometimes when I post a “seen in the press” article, I have a little bit of worry, that people might think I want to show off or something. But to be honest, I just want to show how much I appreciate those people who like my style and want to spread their love for me, and […]

Many Thanks

Many thanks to: 1. Erica, featuring me in Inspiration: Winter flowers from Blue is in Fashion this year. 2. Zara using my picture in the People section November Week 2 3. rebecca-costanza,  featuring my style in this top set for Nov 27,2011 on Polyvore 4. Modestyfashions, featuring my style in this top set for Nov […]

Top Set

Thanks to amber-nicki-rose  who made this beautiful set and featuring me inside, the most important thing is — congrats on top sets in Polyvore today! In Chinese:  amber-nicki-rose  做的这幅百搭图真的是太漂亮了,谢谢你以我的搭配图片为材.更重要的事情是--恭喜这幅百搭图荣登今天Polyvore 首榜位置!(P.S. 不知道大家对Polyvore这个网站是不是了解, 其是全世界最大的搭配达人用图片形式做成的搭配图,在国内叫"百搭"吧)