Blue Monday: Midi Skirt & Gladiator Sandals

Blue Monday in Denim Shirt and Blue Midi Skirt, Gladiator Sandals. Via: HallieDaily

What I wore:  Maison Michel Straw Hat / Le Spec Sunglasses / Valia Gabriel Gladiator Sandals(sold out, also love this and this) / ASOS Denim Shirt with Lace Up Details / Topshop Midi Skirt / Louis Vuitton Bag / Forever 21 Nails

Happy Monday, my dear Friends!

Gladiator sandals have been so hot this Summer!  Somehow I wasn’t really into it, because I don’t feel comfy showing my toes(Believe it or not, Red Bear likes to walk on them and pretend he didn’t know he was doing that.  Oh well, I like to believe he didn’t look at them before he stepped on them.All the time!) . But I decided to give it a try after seeing some my favorite bloggers wearing them.  Now I can’t take them off and I’m wearing them with almost every one of my outfits.  They are really COOL for a hot Summer day, and I like how the “Ancient Greek style” (or is it ancient Roman?  So hard to tell them apart!) gives my midi skirt outfit a modern twist.

In Chinese: 大家周一好啊!

斗士鞋这个夏天已经火了很久,我一直都没赶上潮流,一来是因为对于露出全部脚趾头不太舒服(主要原因是老被RB踩,他还总是假装很无辜的说他不知道或者没看见!), 前段时间看了不少我喜欢的一些博主都纷纷穿上这种类型的鞋,忍不住试试,还别说,比我想象中的要好,夏天穿既舒适还时尚,这段时间几乎天天穿。搭我最喜欢的中长裙也合适,“角斗士”的豪气刚好平衡下我一般很淑女的套装。

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Pastel Holiday Dressing : Lavender Coat and Faux Fur Collar

HallieDaily: Pastel Winter Fur Collar Pink Coat 1

Hi, Everyone! Couple days no see, I miss you!

Today I want to show you my other kind of holiday dressing. I believe the holiday style is not only about that piece of dress with “bling” or sparkle, but it can also be about wearing something different that makes me feel and look happy and cheerful, that can make me stand out in a stylish crowd, throw on some pastel color — here I added a faux fur collar for a colorful look with some “drama” and fun. That one piece can make me feel and look festive for the holidays!

Happy Holidays to you!

In Chinese: 亲们,有几天不见,想你们了!



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Pink on Pink: Oversized Cardigan and Lace Pencil Skirt

HallieDaily Pink-on-Pink-Oversized-Cardigan-Lace-Pencil-Skirt  7I like how ASOS styled this oversize cardigan in their website (can’t go wrong with striped tee + black skinny jeans + loafers). But today I want to style this cardigan in a very feminine ladylike look,  with white tee + lace pencil skirt + mid heel pumps. Add a long pink cardigan, and it make my simple ladylike look go to the next level.

In Chinese: 第一次在ASOS  看到 这件粉色长款开衫 就很喜欢,喜欢她家网站模特的穿着方式:横纹T+黑色瘦脚年仔裤+平底鞋,看上去特别休闲。但今天我尝试用这件开衫配以特别女性化的搭配:白色T+蕾丝铅笔裙+中跟桃色鞋。外面套上一件粉色开衫,为整款特别女性化的搭配带来不一样的飘逸感。

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