Apr 042014

HallieDaily EyeLet Jumpsuit, Floral Clutch_4

I think one of the biggest online shopping problems is the size issue. For example, I have been shopping in J.Crew for a long time, but never have bought a jumpsuit from them. I wear size 2 on top, and size 00 in the bottom for J.Crew; when I bought this jumpsuit, I went for my normal top size, but turned out this jumpsuit is way too big in the bottom. This is a beautiful piece,and as with other popular styles, this jumpsuit has already sold out online, and there is no way I can do an exchange.
I do still like the slouchy look on myself though, at the same time I want go find a tailor and give the jumpsuit a better fit.
What do you think about online shopping? What’s your main issue when you shopping through the internet?

In Chinese: 我觉得网购最大的问题就是尺码的问题。 就拿今天我穿的这件J.Crew 家的连体衣来说, 虽说我已经在她家买了不少东西,可是买连体衣是第一回,我在J.Crew家上衣穿2号,下身穿00号,所以买这件连体衣的时候按上身尺寸来买, 结果现在看起来觉得应该买小1号的。和她家其他受欢迎款式一样,这件连体衣已经售空,我也没法换。



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Mar 052014

HallieDaily  Chic Casual Style in Sweatshirt and Lace Pencil Skirt_7Obviously, I am obsessing lace right now, I have been wearing a lot of lace lately. After seeing the Ted Baker S/S 2014 lookbook, my eyes have been eying this lace pencil skirt.  Thanks so much for the Ted Baker Store in Los Angeles, for helping me find it.

Today I am pairing this skirt with a casual sweatshirt, all the pastel tones remind me of this look from last year, which is one of my favorite looks of myself.

In Chinese: 很明显的, 我最近对蕾丝特别钟爱. 最近的很多博文都有穿蕾丝. 前段时间无意中看到了 Ted Baker 2014春夏 lookbook, 脑海里就一直惦念着这条蕾丝铅笔裙. 非常感谢Ted Baker在洛杉矶的商店替我找到了这条裙子.

今天用这条裙子配一件粉色的卫衣, 整体的颜色搭配让我想起了去年我的这篇博文.那款搭配可以说是我自己最喜欢的一套造型之一.

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Jan 062014

Pastel spring_2014-01-061. RED Valentino Cotton-blend coat /2. Whistles Madison Clutch /3. Clo Intimo Minette Set /4. Oasis Opaque Statement Drop Earrings /5. Tory Burch Thea Cross-Body Chain Bag /6. Whistles Metal Tube Calf Hair Belt / 7. River Island Light pink lace pencil skirt /8.Guerlain ‘Meteorites’ Pearls 04 Dore /9. Christian Louboutin Paulina 85 patent-leather and PVC pumps /10. Jimmy Choo Typhoon leather pumps /11.Dior ‘Vernis – Trianon’ Nail Enamel 192 Pampille