Last Weekend at Balboa Island

It’s always a fun time when visiting Balboa Island on the weekend. It was windy and chilly yesterday when we were there. The first thing I did was buy a souvenir sweatshirt to stay warm — and then we bought famous Balboa bar ice cream to keep the chill!! How was your weekend? In Chinese:最美妙的周末时光,不外乎与亲爱的家人一起,到附近的小镇转转。这天风很大,还有点冷,买了件Balboa岛上的卫衣和有名的冰淇淋,冰冰凉,心里却是暖暖的。大家的周末过得好吗? […]

Weekend in Balboa Island (2)

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!  Continue sharing more photos we took when we visited Balboa Island last weekend. I hope you enjoy them. Why this little island really attracts me is not only about the weather, the ocean, the food, but almost all the residents who live there take great care of their yards  and appearance of their homes […]

Travel: Beach Life in San Pedro, Belize

Happy Tuesday, my dear friends. Thank you for your visiting today, so that I can share some of the beautiful moments of our family vacation in Belize last week. There are so many pictures on my phone and our camera, I wish I could show you all! In Chinese: 亲们周二好。 谢谢你今天的来访,很开心能与你分享一些我们上周去伯利兹旅游的一些相片。旅途中拍了很多相片,很多都没来得及整理和编辑,今天节选了一些与你分享。