Aug 282013

HallieDaily Marni Skirt and Statement Earrings_4

Yesterday, I was talking to a blogger friend, she congratulated me for winning the Vanity Fair Best Dressed Challenge, and in the end, she said, “I wish I can grow up fast so that I can dress more ladylike, just like you.”  [She's still a teenager.]

And I laughed, and said, “At least you still have hope to grow older, but it’s hopeless for me to go back to your age and dress like a teenager again!”

So here is the question, do you have to be in a certain age to carry different style? What do you think?

I think no matter how old we are, being ourselves and always trying our best to  look good is the key. Also, ” In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” —- Coco Chanel, my idol.

P.S. I have a little interview with Moda Mod, feel free to check them out here.

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Aug 172013

HallieDaily Cropped Top and Pencil Skirt_9This is going to be a very hot weekend here in L.A.  Besides taking Red Bear to an Air Show, there are so many things that need to be done before the NYFW.  Yes, I am going to New York Fashion Week this year, how exciting!

Talking about today’s style, if you are confident enough to show off your tummy, then why not try this year’s hot cropped top trend?  And if you are still the conservative type, then wear a blazer or a denim jacket to feel more comfortable.

In Chinese: 这个周末在洛杉矶将会是一个非常炎热的周末, 除了要带RB去看航展, 屋里屋外有很多事都等着我在去纽约时装周前完成. 对了, 今年我要参加纽约时装周喽! 好兴奋!

说到今天的搭配, 如果你有信心展现自己平坦的小腹, 不妨尝试一下今年夏天很流行的短款上衣, 如果你觉得自己还是有点保守, 不敢露太多, 那么外面再加件外套或牛仔衣如何?

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Mar 252013

HallieDaily Stripe on stripe_0

HallieDaily Stripe on stripe_4

HallieDaily Stripe on stripe_3

HallieDaily Stripe on stripe_5

HallieDaily Stripe on stripe_1

HallieDaily Stripe on stripe_6

HallieDaily Stripe on stripe_9

HallieDaily Stripe on stripe_12

I like how these  Police Mirrored Wayfarer sunglasses added some color to this head to toe stripe on stripe / black and white look, and with  just enough edgy toughness.

As you might tell, currently I am obsessing on striped suit/pointed toe pumps and mirrored sunglasses; floral and print are always my things, too.

In Chinese: 喜欢这副Police 镜面墨镜 给我的这套模条搭竖条的黑白搭配加点颜色和酷感.

你可能也看出来了, 最近我对条纹, 尖头鞋和镜面墨镜比较热衷, 当然, 花朵印花图案也一直都是我的菜.

Police Sunglasses(Obsessing this Police Aviator as well)

ASOS Striped Coat(last seen here)

H&M Striped Jeans(similar here and here)

Zara Studio Bandeau with Straps

Jimmy Choo Abel Metallic Leather Pumps

Chanel Bag, Daniel Wellington Watch(c/o)