Apr 112014

HallieDaily Summer in Cropped Top and Midi Skirt

Happy Friday! Everyone!

So today’s post was only one picture (Thanks God, it’s good enough). So you know, I lost all my pictures that I took before, and except for a few I have transferred in my phone that I am able to use and edit within my phone and post it.

I like this picture, I look so happy and so young and so Summer ready, and not only that, but I am holding a hand-made snakeskin-covered clutch that my hubby gifted to me from his Philippines trip last week. I felt like I was carrying his “heart” around, haha…Thank you for visiting me today!

In Chinese: 亚洲的朋友,现在已经是周末了吧,祝你们周末愉快!




Midi Skirt: Zara(recent)

Croped Top: Urban Outfitters

Jeweled Sandals: J.Crew(sold out, but still available here)

Sunglasses: Karen Walker Super Duper

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Mar 312014

HallieDaily Cali Summer in Heart Printed Top and Midi Full Skirt_0

Hi, Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I like the color in today’s outfit. All the light blush tones are so fresh and so pretty for the Spring and Summer. Midi skirt are still “hot” this season, be ready to see me wearing more Midi skirt this S/S.

In Chinese: 你好吗? 周末过得可好?

我自己很喜欢今天这套搭配的颜色, 很新鲜很柔美, 特别适合春夏穿. 中长裙本季还是很火哦, 这个春夏, 你估计会在我博客里看到更多的”长裙飞扬”.

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Jan 242014

HallieDaily High Nick Silk top, Pink Lace Pencil Skirt, Christian Louboutin Nude Pumps, Stella McCartney Clutch_1I wore this outfit for the interview with China TV last week. Why did I choose it? I think it’s simple, classic, feminine, decent, and chic.

Most people don’t really understand why I dress up most of the time. Once in a while, I have people ask me if I go to “fancy places” a lot.  I ask them back, “Do you only dress nicely when you go to fancy places?”

There’s a saying, “You are what you wear”  I believe what you wear is NOT the only way to express yourself, but dressing nicely on a lot of occasions does affect a little or a lot, doesn’t it?

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In Chinese: 上周穿着这身与台湾中视做了一次近距离访谈. 为什么会选择这身装束, 因为觉得很简单, 但又很耐看, 而且女性化又优雅, 很适合我.

许多人都会有这个问题, 就是我每天穿漂漂亮亮的都是去干什么. 也有人问我说是不是经常去”高档的地方”, 我就反问他们说:”你们是不是只有去高档的地方才会穿好?”

有句话说, “你的穿衣经决定你的做人方式”(不知道这样翻译是否准确?). 我觉得, 你的衣装并不能代表你的为人, 但是良好的着装真的在很多场合和情况下对事情的发展方向有着一定的影响作用, 同意吗?

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