Crispy White: Frill Hem Skirt + Gotti Eyewear

HallieDaily Crispy White in Frill Hem Skirt_3

I was wearing almost all white hanging around a summery Hollywood yesterday.  The silk blouse really kept me cool and at the same time still looking chic.

I am a Sunglasses Collector, and I am very picky in sunglasses, all the details of a pair of sunglasses really matter to me. I just got these Gotti Sunglasses, and been wearing them non-stop these days!  Beside getting so many compliments, I really like its so light weight, and the most fun part, with the 360° revolving earpieces, these eyewear frames can be folded up flat so that they fit anywhere. Even a mini evening clutch! Woo-hoo! They are just amazing!

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Crispy White: Frill Hem Skirt + Gotti Eyewear

Louis Vuitton Inspired: Pastel Summer

HallieDaily :Pastel Summer

The Louis Vuitton SS 2012 definitely is one of my favorite collection of all time, with those beautiful head-to-toe pastel colors decorated with stunning laser-cut lace patterns. There’s something so charming, so feminine, and so relaxing about those light soft tones that have me feeling ready for a sweet beautiful day in the sun!

In Chinese: Louis Vuitton 2012春季系列绝对是我一直以来最钟爱系列之一. 整个系列中从头到脚的淡彩色调再加上美妙绝伦的镂花材质, 看上去是那么的迷人, 那么的女性化, 还很随意.柔柔的色调让我感觉在天和日丽的日子以柔和的心态去迎接甜美的一天.

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Louis Vuitton Inspired: Pastel Summer

Feeling Blue

Remember recently I told you that I hated to wear suits at work when I was working in an office in China? My boss told me that I looked good every time I wore suits, but I thought she just wanted to encourage me to wear suits more often, so I didn’t take it very seriously.  Now that I work as a full time mom, somehow I like this kind of casual yet “normal” suits, and they don’t look as bad as I thought.

In Chinese: 记得前段时间我曾说过, 以前在中国在办公室工作的时候, 最恨穿西装套装了. 每次不得不穿上的时候, 那个女老板就使劲的夸说有多好看多好看, 当时我心想: 你不就想让我经常穿西装套装吗? 呵呵….所以对她的话总是不以为然. 很奇怪的是, 现在是全职妈妈了, 反而对这种休闲式西装套装挺感兴趣, 而且看上去也没有原来自己想的那么坏.

Zara Blazer(like this style as well) and Trousers(similar)

Tee: Thanks to Everlane

Alexander Wang Shoes(similar one on sale now), Louis Vuitton Bag

Michael Kors Watch, Sunglasses from Target

Feeling Blue