Mar 252014

HallieDaily White Leather Jacket and Floral Full Skirt_0

I have always wanted to have a white leather jacket.  After searching for a while, I found this one from Mango, and I’m totally in love!  So soft and so well cut, you will see me wear it a lot of times in my blog soon.

In Chinese: 一直很想要一件白色的皮夹克,找了一段时间,终于在Mango家找到了这件, 皮质很软,剪裁和款式也很好,以后会在博客里经常穿哦。

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Feb 212014

HallieDaily Lace and Studs_8
The other day I met a friend, and the funny thing is we were talking about having to wear a tulle skirt under some skirt/dress to make the bottom fuller. Being a petite Asian, I always envy girls with a good curvy shape, so I like to wear something under some of my skirt/dress to define my tiny waist line and to create a “curvy” look. So, if you are already lucky to own a good curvy body shape, wear this lovely dress without wearing anything under like I did.

Lace and pink, plus a good length and 3/4 sleeves, this Eliza J dress is a perfect dress for me.

In Chinese: 前两天去见一个朋友, 很搞笑的是, 两个人聊到说穿裙子的时候, 里面喜欢再条蓬蓬裙, 好让自己的下半身看起来更丰满. 我的身材就是很普通的骄小亚洲女生型, 特别羡慕那种S身材的丰满女生. 所以在穿衣服的时候, 我喜欢在裙子里穿多一条衬裙, 这样可以突显我的较小的腰部, 在视觉上可以有个曲线美. 身材已经很傲人的女生, 在穿这类型裙子的时候就省了吧:)

这条Eliza J  家的裙子, 蕾丝加粉色, 裙子不长不短刚刚好, 再加上3/4的袖长, 对我而言, 是再完美不过的了.

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Feb 142014

HallieDaily Happy Valentine's Day in Pink and Flower_12Happy Friday and Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Are you celebrating this Valentines’ Day in any special way?  Yes or no, I wish your today overflow with happiness all around, because this is the day of “Love”.

Last night, our little family worked very late to let Red Bear make home-made Valentine’s Day cards for all of his classmates and teacher, and to write a special message for every one in his own 5-year old handwriting.   Believe me, it took a while, but Red Bear was very determined to finish it before going to sleep.  Today he wore all “red” — shirt and pants — to school instead of the normal uniform.  The red is to show his “love”.  How cute!

My favorite outfit for Valentine’s Day has to be the combination of “pink and floral.”  What are you wearing today?

In Chinese: 大家情人节和元宵节快乐哦! 不管你是单身还是与相爱的人一起度过, 都希望你开开心心的, 因为这是一个充满爱的特殊的日子.

昨天晚上, 咱一家小口忙到很晚, 让小RB亲手给他班上的每个同学和老师写上节日”爱”卡, 在每张卡上还贴上他最爱的贴贴纸. 今天他还穿上了全身红色去学校散布”爱意”呢, 好可爱的! :)

我的情人节的钟爱搭配当然还得围绕”粉色和花朵 “. 你今天穿了什么?

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