The “Americana” Moment with GUESS

HallieDaily Guess Nashville Collection

A couple of weeks ago, GUESS contacted me and asked me to style some of their Nashville collection, to create “Americana” stories.

After reviewing the whole collection, I chose this romantic floral print dress, together with a denim jacket embellished with studs, to mix modern and vintage styles. Suggested by Bob, we took these photos in Los Angeles Travel Town– A Train Museum.

The GUESS Fall collection is inspired from the authentic American soul of Nashville, otherwise known as Music City. So when I was styling, I tried to let the images follow sexy, playful, and free-spirited poses.

This post is a collaboration with GUESS, I am wearing head-to-toe pieces from the GUESS Fall collection — check out the Whole collection here.

In Chinese: 几周前,  GUESS  品牌联系我,让我在他们的Nashville新系列单品中,挑出几件,来搭配一个”美国梦“的造型。




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The “Americana” Moment with GUESS

Red Heart: Stripe Sweater and A-line Skirt

HallieDaily Midi Skirt and Red Heart Sweater_15

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Last night we had a rough night sleep.  Red Bear was sick whole night, we think he got some kind of stomach flu, and then this morning to my husband had it, too. So far I am the lucky one, haven’t get the bug on me, yet. I am wearing a red heart sweater today, wish my family get well soon.

In Chinese: 大家周五快乐!

昨晚咱家小三口可是几乎整夜未眠, 小RB好象传染上了一种肠胃感冒, 又吐又泄, 然后今天早上我老公也被传染上了, 我算是最顽强的一个吧, 至今对病虫还有抗体. 今天的博文穿上件带红衣的毛衣, 祝我的家人早日康复.

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Red Heart: Stripe Sweater and A-line Skirt

Tough Lady: Leather on Leather with Lace Up Sandals

Hallie Daily Tough Lady, Leather on Leather_1Hi, everyone! How is your Monday going so far? We had a exciting one, little Red Bear got a bee sting just as he was heading out the door to school.  He’s usually very tough with bee stings, but this one really bothered him, so we felt so sorry for him that we allowed him to use this reason to “escape” going to school today.

Today I am wearing something totally different than what I usually wear these days, playing a “tough lady”  by mixing leather on leather. Hope you like it.

In Chinese: 大家周一好吗? 不知道你的这周的第一天过得怎样? 我们这个周一早上可是热闹得很, RB去学校前被蜜蜂咬了一口, 哭得好伤心, 我们看着心疼, 于是同意让他以这个借口今天逃学.

今天的搭配和我这段时间的搭配很不相同, 皮衣搭皮裤, 玩了把”酷女郞”角色. 希望你喜欢.

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Tough Lady: Leather on Leather with Lace Up Sandals