Dec 062013

HallieDaily Midi Skirt and Red Heart Sweater_15

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Last night we had a rough night sleep.  Red Bear was sick whole night, we think he got some kind of stomach flu, and then this morning to my husband had it, too. So far I am the lucky one, haven’t get the bug on me, yet. I am wearing a red heart sweater today, wish my family get well soon.

In Chinese: 大家周五快乐!

昨晚咱家小三口可是几乎整夜未眠, 小RB好象传染上了一种肠胃感冒, 又吐又泄, 然后今天早上我老公也被传染上了, 我算是最顽强的一个吧, 至今对病虫还有抗体. 今天的博文穿上件带红衣的毛衣, 祝我的家人早日康复.

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Nov 042013

Hallie Daily Tough Lady, Leather on Leather_1Hi, everyone! How is your Monday going so far? We had a exciting one, little Red Bear got a bee sting just as he was heading out the door to school.  He’s usually very tough with bee stings, but this one really bothered him, so we felt so sorry for him that we allowed him to use this reason to “escape” going to school today.

Today I am wearing something totally different than what I usually wear these days, playing a “tough lady”  by mixing leather on leather. Hope you like it.

In Chinese: 大家周一好吗? 不知道你的这周的第一天过得怎样? 我们这个周一早上可是热闹得很, RB去学校前被蜜蜂咬了一口, 哭得好伤心, 我们看着心疼, 于是同意让他以这个借口今天逃学.

今天的搭配和我这段时间的搭配很不相同, 皮衣搭皮裤, 玩了把”酷女郞”角色. 希望你喜欢.

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Oct 162013

HallieSwanson Joie Lace Up Sandals, Acne Jeans, PS Clutch, Zara Blazer_7

Hi, everyone! Thank you so much to those readers who left comments in my last post about the blogging issues. Yes! I don’t mind to listen to different content than what I prefer — we don’t all have to agree, or we would all look alike, just like wearing uniforms! — but attitude is really important for this subject.  As they say in France, VIVE LA DIFFERENCE!

Let’s talk about shoes today, shall we? I have been looking for a lace up shoes for long time, and finally laid my hands [or should I say, my feet?] on these Joie Raquel Heels, the color is trendy, and the heels are comfy.

In Chinese: 大家好吗?谢谢昨天在我博客里留言的朋友们.继续昨天的话题,我们当然可以要有不同的声音和不同的观点,不能要求别人一定要赞同自己的想法.可是,在这个议题上,态度真的很重要不是吗?

今天还是来谈一下鞋子吧.找这种系带式的凉鞋有一段时间了, 终于下手这双 Joie Raquel Heels家的凉鞋.颜色很是热门,而鞋跟也不高不低正合适.

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