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The “Americana” Moment wi...

The “Americana” Moment with GUESS

A couple of weeks ago, GUESS contacted me and asked me to style some of their Nashville collection, to create “Americana” stories. After reviewing the whole collection, I chose this romantic floral print dress, together with a denim jacket embellished with studs, to mix modern and vintage styles. Suggested by Bob, we took these photos in […]

Red Heart: Stripe Sweater and A-line ...

Red Heart: Stripe Sweater and A-line Skirt

Happy Weekend, everyone! Last night we had a rough night sleep.  Red Bear was sick whole night, we think he got some kind of stomach flu, and then this morning to my husband had it, too. So far I am the lucky one, haven’t get the bug on me, yet. I am wearing a red […]

Tough Lady: Leather on Leather with L...

Tough Lady: Leather on Leather with Lace Up Sandals

Hi, everyone! How is your Monday going so far? We had a exciting one, little Red Bear got a bee sting just as he was heading out the door to school.  He’s usually very tough with bee stings, but this one really bothered him, so we felt so sorry for him that we allowed him […]

New Shoes: Oxblood, Lace Up

New Shoes: Oxblood, Lace Up

Hi, everyone! Thank you so much to those readers who left comments in my last post about the blogging issues. Yes! I don’t mind to listen to different content than what I prefer — we don’t all have to agree, or we would all look alike, just like wearing uniforms! — but attitude is really […]