Lusting and Choices

This year in October, I posted a picture in Instagram with me trying this Chanel Pink Suede Boy bag on. I was so in love, and I feel so bad right now that I didn’t have a chance to get it at that time.  But right now when I want to get it for myself […]

Dress Down: Day Time Sequin

Happy Monday, everyone! For people who live in the U.S. I hope you have a successful Cyber Monday Shopping. Today I have a very important mission to be completed, wish me good luck and I will talk to you soon! In Chinese: 大家周一好! 住在美国的朋友们, 今天是各品牌都在打折的”网络周一”日, 祝你们网购愉快. 今天我有一件很重要的任务要完成, 祝我自己好运啦, 晚点我们再聊.

Holiday Prep: Embroidered Dress+ Jacket + Shoes

Another Holiday preparation outfit today, wearing this embroidered dress, embroidered jacket and cat face pumps.  I like the rich colors and all the bling-bling details, I hope you like them, too! Wish you have a great Friday, Everyone! In Chinese: 今天又是一套季节味浓厚的搭配,  穿上了镶金银丝的裙子, 配镶花夹克和猫脸鞋. 我自己很喜欢这些深重的金秋感十足的色彩, 也喜欢那些光亮闪烁的首饰点缀. 希望你也喜欢. 祝大家有个美好的周五!