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  • Sale Season: My Top 6 Picks

    Hello, Darlings! We have stepped into November now, and there are more holidays coming up soon!  So exciting!   And these holidays bring some of the best sales of the year. Have you noticed that the sale season comes earlier and earlier?  There are always good points and bad points when you decide, should I […]

  • Lusting and Choices

    This year in October, I posted a picture in Instagram with me trying this Chanel Pink Suede Boy bag on. I was so in love, and I feel so bad right now that I didn’t have a chance to get it at that time.  But right now when I want to get it for myself […]

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  • My Comfy Zone: Floral Skater Dress and Leather Biker Jacket

    I know I have been giving some style tips, like keep pushing your comfort limit out a little bit every time, to improve and expand your style range. But here’s another tip: once you find out your best look, stay close to it. I like how I look when I wearing feminine dress/skirt , especially […]

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  • Reiss Q&A: Christmas in My City

    A few weeks ago, I was having dinner with a 75 years old friend who came from London, and he asked me what I have been up to lately.  I said: “I am working with Reiss right now, I think they come from London, too!”, He was surprised, and said: “I know Reiss, they are […]

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  • Dress Down: Day Time Sequin

    Happy Monday, everyone! For people who live in the U.S. I hope you have a successful Cyber Monday Shopping. Today I have a very important mission to be completed, wish me good luck and I will talk to you soon! In Chinese: 大家周一好! 住在美国的朋友们, 今天是各品牌都在打折的”网络周一”日, 祝你们网购愉快. 今天我有一件很重要的任务要完成, 祝我自己好运啦, 晚点我们再聊.

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  • Holiday Prep: Embroidered Dress+ Jacket + Shoes

    Another Holiday preparation outfit today, wearing this embroidered dress, embroidered jacket and cat face pumps.  I like the rich colors and all the bling-bling details, I hope you like them, too! Wish you have a great Friday, Everyone! In Chinese: 今天又是一套季节味浓厚的搭配,  穿上了镶金银丝的裙子, 配镶花夹克和猫脸鞋. 我自己很喜欢这些深重的金秋感十足的色彩, 也喜欢那些光亮闪烁的首饰点缀. 希望你也喜欢. 祝大家有个美好的周五!