Apr 172014


I assume most of my readers are wifeys, or maybe even moms, as well. Well, then you might agree with me in this: A happy wife makes a happy family. (Actually, that’s what my hubby told me! :)). But think about this, in most cases and on most occasions, whether you are happy or not, it does make a big difference, doesn’t it?

So, are you happy today? If not, SMILE! Now! :D I am!

In Chinese: 我猜想,在我大多的读者群里,有不少的人妻或者妈妈吗?如果你是的话,那么你会不会同意我说的这句话:“一个快乐的妻子决定一个快乐的家庭。“(哈哈,实际上这是我先生的名言。)但是仔细想想,也不是没有道理的,不管是做妻子与否,是处在家庭环境下与否,在很多场合很多情况下,一个人的快乐心情可以造成很多变化的不是吗?


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Apr 042014

HallieDaily EyeLet Jumpsuit, Floral Clutch_4

I think one of the biggest online shopping problems is the size issue. For example, I have been shopping in J.Crew for a long time, but never have bought a jumpsuit from them. I wear size 2 on top, and size 00 in the bottom for J.Crew; when I bought this jumpsuit, I went for my normal top size, but turned out this jumpsuit is way too big in the bottom. This is a beautiful piece,and as with other popular styles, this jumpsuit has already sold out online, and there is no way I can do an exchange.
I do still like the slouchy look on myself though, at the same time I want go find a tailor and give the jumpsuit a better fit.
What do you think about online shopping? What’s your main issue when you shopping through the internet?

In Chinese: 我觉得网购最大的问题就是尺码的问题。 就拿今天我穿的这件J.Crew 家的连体衣来说, 虽说我已经在她家买了不少东西,可是买连体衣是第一回,我在J.Crew家上衣穿2号,下身穿00号,所以买这件连体衣的时候按上身尺寸来买, 结果现在看起来觉得应该买小1号的。和她家其他受欢迎款式一样,这件连体衣已经售空,我也没法换。



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Mar 252014

HallieDaily White Leather Jacket and Floral Full Skirt_0

I have always wanted to have a white leather jacket.  After searching for a while, I found this one from Mango, and I’m totally in love!  So soft and so well cut, you will see me wear it a lot of times in my blog soon.

In Chinese: 一直很想要一件白色的皮夹克,找了一段时间,终于在Mango家找到了这件, 皮质很软,剪裁和款式也很好,以后会在博客里经常穿哦。

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