Oct 252012

I almost forgot this camel blazer, I think I bought it in the mid-summer from H&M, I didn’t hesitate to buy it when I saw it hanging there with the tag marked down to about $35! It looked pretty expensive, and those golden buttons were calling my name :). I am still looking for a perfect camel jacket/coat for this winter though, any recommendation?

P.S Do you remember this dress and the necklace, I wore couple days ago here? Styled them with 2 different ways, which one is your favorite?

PP.S. I am so sorry that some of you told me that the promotion code doesn’t work when shopping in Dolce Vita which I mentioned in this post. Thanks to Dolce Vita, they have fixed the problem, because their whole site is on sale now, so the 25%  off  “HallieDaily25″ code will be working from 27 Oct. to 02 Nov., and sorry to tell, they don’t do international shipping. :(

In Chinese: 差点就忘记我买有这件驼色的西装, 好象我在微博上有晒过吧. H&M家的, 天气还很热的时候就买了. 当时看见这夹克挂在那, 标签上卖价好象只有$35, 看上去很”贵”的感觉, 还有那些个金色的扣子, 好象就在叫着我的名字. 不过我还是有要寻找一件很完美的驼色外套或大衣, 大家有啥好推荐吗?

P.S. 不知道你是不是记得这条白色的蕾丝裙和这条项链, 几天前在这篇博文里就有穿过. 不种很不同的搭配方法, 你更喜欢哪个呢?

P.S.S 在这篇博文里有和大家说在Dolce Vita网站购物有优惠的事情, 一些朋友和我说, 那个优惠代码不起作用, DV家的网站已经解决了这个问题, 因为他家网站最近有打折活动, 所以有75折优惠的”HallieDaily25″代码将于10月27日起起效至11月2日. 不过对于在中国的朋友们, 很抱歉, 他们暂时还不提供国际货运.


Wasteland Dress(c/o), H&M Camel Blazer, Zara Denim Shirt,

DV by Dolce Vita Flats(different color here , I love this one with studs, too)

Celine Bag, JewelMint Necklace(c/o)