Aug 282013

HallieDaily Marni Skirt and Statement Earrings_4

Yesterday, I was talking to a blogger friend, she congratulated me for winning the Vanity Fair Best Dressed Challenge, and in the end, she said, “I wish I can grow up fast so that I can dress more ladylike, just like you.”  [She's still a teenager.]

And I laughed, and said, “At least you still have hope to grow older, but it’s hopeless for me to go back to your age and dress like a teenager again!”

So here is the question, do you have to be in a certain age to carry different style? What do you think?

I think no matter how old we are, being ourselves and always trying our best to  look good is the key. Also, ” In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” —- Coco Chanel, my idol.

P.S. I have a little interview with Moda Mod, feel free to check them out here.

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Jun 182012

So, here are the triangle earrings I picked from the Karla X Roman Luxe collection. You might have noticed that I don’t wear earrings in my blog that often, maybe only 2-3 times? I used to wear earrings every day, pearl, gold, silver, all type.  I forgot when I quit wearing them regularly, maybe since Red Bear started moving his little hands around?  And now I finally found these perfect shape and style to give my ears more attention.  It’s time!

In Chinese: 这对耳环就是我在Karla X Roman Luxe首饰发行聚会上选的.你可能也注意到其实我戴耳环的次数并不多,也许从写博至今也就2-3次?其实以前特别喜欢戴耳环,珍珠的,金的银的,大小长短各种类型都戴过.都不记得是从什么时候开始开始忽略耳环了,也许是从小RB小手乱抓的时候吧.现在好了,终于找到了一副完美形状和款式的耳环,又重新让耳朵享受了一回爱.


Karla X Roman Luxe earrings(c/o), Be Seduced Top(old, similar here and here),

Adam Pants, ASOS Round Sunglasses, Chanel Bag, Michale Kors Watch, YSL ring