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  • Got a Wedding? Marks & Spencer Can Help!

    I go to a lot of fashion, charitable, and social events in Los Angeles, but the events I miss going to are weddings. We don’t have much family in California, and it seems almost all of our friends are already married.  But we have an important out-of-state wedding coming up at the end of summer, so when Marks & […]

  • Got Thinning Hair? Don’t Worry, I Can Help You

    In partnership with Aveda My hair seems to have changed in the last few years, from thick and curly to thinner and straighter. I don’t know the cause, but I started to notice it more after giving birth to Red Bear. And it became most evident to me when I was doing sports- suddenly my […]

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  • 2017 Spring Must-have: Bell Sleeve Top & Gingham Print

    I once had a chat with the lovely shoe designer Mary Alice Malone.  We talked about shoes and (believe it or not) boxing, and she told me one of her favorite online shops: Avenue 32. ” They stock a unique mix of stylish pieces that you can’t find on any other online luxury shopping websites.’  she […]

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  • 2017 Swim Trend: Scalloped One-piece & Colorful Beach Cover-up

    Last year I wanted to find a scalloped one-piece swimsuit, but I didn’t have luck on it.  Thanks to LOFT for bringing this style out again this year, with the beautiful scalloped line and a friendly price.  Although we are still in February, and most places are still cold and chilly, I pulled the trigger […]

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  • Happy Valentine’s Day: Find Your Perfect Romantic Dress

    Valentine’s Day is just a few days away!  It’s such a sweet and cute holiday.  Even when I was single, I still would like to wear my favorite dress.  And I really enjoy the romantic atmosphere  — love is in the air, and it seems everywhere I turn there are flowers and balloons  lovely songs, […]

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  • New Spring Bag

      Some of my favorite style inspiration comes from Moda Operandi. Not only is it a luxury shopping website that offers unique, sophisticated, and high-touch services, but they are also the only online retailer to invite clients to PREORDER next-season’s looks straight from the runway. The “TrunkShows” is where you can pre-order the latest runway styles, and I […]