Polka Dot & Petite Jeans

Happy Thursday! Everyone! Bonjour from the French Riviera! Right now I’m in Cannes with The Harmonist team for a few of days to learn about their unique philosophy about perfumes, to get better acquainted with the team and the products, and (of course) to have some fun and wonderful food! More information pictures to come next week! This Is […]

Happy Weekend: Boyfriend Jeans & ACNE Leather Jacket

Another weekend! Time flies! Wish you have a good one! Oh, please don’t forget to check out The Shiseido Benefique Collection Giveaway! In Chinese: 又是一个新的周末,时间过得太快了!大家都好好享受美好时光吧! 还有,友情提醒,我与资生堂品牌合作,将为一位幸福读者送出一份资生堂Benefique系列,还没有参加的朋友,赶紧加入!详情点击这里。

Stripes on Stripes: Striped Dress and Striped Booties

You don’t need to tell me, even my husband noticed I have been wearing a lot of stripes lately. We have to admit stripes are easy to pull off for everybody, it can be classic and casual, or chic, or have them all at the same time. Don’t you agree? In Chinese: 不用你说, 就算我老公也注意到了, 最近我比较喜欢穿横条. 不过得承认, 似乎人人都可以穿横条纹, 或经典, 或随意, 或优雅, 或者各种风格都有一点. 同意的举手?