Repeatedly Wear : Zara Print Short Coat

After I received this coat a couple days ago, I have been repeatedly wearing it these days.  It’s not a very warm coat, but it’s exactly what I need for the weather in Los Angeles right now. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! In Chinese: 几天前才收到这件ZARA大衣, 这几天几乎天天都穿着. 大衣不厚, 属于挺不保暖的类型, 但是在LA这种天气, 正是我需要的. 祝你有一个愉快的周末!   Outfit 1: Zara Coat and trousers(recent), Baum Und […]

Pushing The Boundaries

Over the last weekend, I finished answering some interview questions by a Magazine ( I will show you once I received the magazine). To one of the interview questions, I give an answer that I like to jump out of the box and take some risks and push the boundaries sometimes in styling. Even if […]


I am really into sleeveless jacket/trench right now, I think they are the best layers this season. This JCrew sleeveless cropped trench is my favorite Fall jacket right now, last seen here. I even took one of my blazer’s sleeves off today, I am not sure if I should go find a tailor to finished […]

Fence Between

A quick post after we came back from Camarillo air show in California. Still feeling dizzy about the blue sky and too much air planes, hehehe,,,just kidding. This was another outfits for the Wednesday Farmer’s Market, yeah! I got some Asian style vegetables 🙂 Isn’t this jumpers pretty? In Chinese: 全家人又去看了一次航展, 现在觉得还在为太多的兰天白云和太多的飞机头晕眼花, 呵呵…玩笑话! 匆匆的上传上周三去农夫市场的搭配相片. 说到去农夫市场, 当然我又买回了一堆亚洲风味的蔬果:) 这件连衣裤照起相来很上镜不是吗?

The Day Without Blogging

Somehow my blog host service went off for half day, so I decided to do a the day without blogging. What did I do without blogging in the usual hours? Cleaning the house, working in the garden, taking a walk with Red Bear, getting some sweat,  losing some weights(I hope). ^^ We still have fun […]