Repeatedly Wear : Zara Print Short Coat

After I received this coat a couple days ago, I have been repeatedly wearing it these days.  It’s not a very warm coat, but it’s exactly what I need for the weather in Los Angeles right now. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! In Chinese: 几天前才收到这件ZARA大衣, 这几天几乎天天都穿着. 大衣不厚, 属于挺不保暖的类型, 但是在LA这种天气, 正是我需要的. 祝你有一个愉快的周末!   Outfit 1: Zara Coat and trousers(recent), Baum Und […]

Pushing The Boundaries

Over the last weekend, I finished answering some interview questions by a Magazine ( I will show you once I received the magazine). To one of the interview questions, I give an answer that I like to jump out of the box and take some risks and push the boundaries sometimes in styling. Even if […]


I am really into sleeveless jacket/trench right now, I think they are the best layers this season. This JCrew sleeveless cropped trench is my favorite Fall jacket right now, last seen here. I even took one of my blazer’s sleeves off today, I am not sure if I should go find a tailor to finished […]