Winter White: J.Crew Contrast-collar Topcoat and Celine Bag

HallieDaily J.Crew White Coat, Joe's Jeans, Celine Bag, Leopard Pumps_0Happy Monday, Everyone!

I am wearing 2 things that break the traditional fashion rules:

1. Wearing white after Labor Day.

2.  Mismatching my bag and shoes in different color and print.

What do you think about that? :)

In Chinese:

大家周一好! 今天的搭配打破了两项传统时尚法则:

1. 继续在美国”劳工节”后穿白色. 2. 鞋子与包包不配套, 颜色和图纹都相差甚远.


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Mirror Mirror: Cropped Striped Top + Frill Hem Skirt

HallieDaily Striped Top Frill Skirt Wang's Shoes_4

One of my lovely moments during the New York Fashion Week events was to meet up with Helena (the designer of Helena and Troy bag I am wearing today) — she is so young, so beautiful, and so talented, she just got almost everything I am jealous with….Grrrr….but I admire her!

As you might can tell, I am pretty into cropped tops these days, but when the weather starts to cool off soon, how do we transfer cropped top into a must have piece for the cold weather? Stay tuned, and I am going to tell you my idea in my blog soon.

In Chinese: 在纽约时装周期间其中的一个可爱情节就是与Helena的会面, 她是今天我背的这个 Helena and Troy 包包的设计师. 与她见面其实蛮让我产生妒忌心的, 因为她是那么的年轻, 那么漂亮, 还很有才华. 不过妒忌归妒忌, 总的说, 我是很欣赏她的这个人.

今天又是一套短装加裙的搭配, 最近确实对短打上衣比较喜欢, 当天气逐渐转凉, 如何在秋冬季的时候继续穿短款上衣? 欢迎你继续跟踪我的博客, 我会在以后的文章里向你说说一些点子.

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