Happy Weekend and J.Crew Sales

Happy Sunday, Everyone! We had a very successful Red Bear’s 6th Birthday Party yesterday. Thanks so much to you all who gave our little boy the best Birthday wishes! In Chinese: 大家周日好吗? 昨天RB的生日趴体可算是场盛会,来了很多小朋友,大家都玩得很开心。同时也谢谢给RB生日祝福的在网上留言的朋友们!谢谢你们!

Floral Dress in Leo Carrillo Beach

Last Sunday, we spent a little bit fun time on Leo Carrillo Beach on the way to meet Red Bear’s Grandpa for dinner. I like how this ASOS Petite floral print dress looks so summery in the beach. and I like how Red Bear jumped inside my heart in the last picture. 🙂 In Chinese: 每个周末, 都会开长途去和RB爷爷会面一起吃晚餐. 上周日, 沿途在Leo […]