Sheer on See Through

This is what happens when you combine Sheer plus see through.  Here, I wore a see through lace top inside of a sheer blouse. They are still good for the summer, but you can’t really see through. One of the way to do cool Summer layers.

In Chinese: 想知道当透明加薄纱一起穿会有什么结果? 我的穿法: 把一件很透明的蕾丝上衣穿在一件很透明的衬衣里面. 仍然很适合在夏日里穿哦, 但是又不是让人可以一眼看到底. 也算是夏日做叠穿混搭的一种方法吧.

I was wearing: Sheer blouse and lace tee c/o American Apparel, Asos Skirt/sunglasses/bag, Jessica Simpson Platform Sandals, Vintage Jade Elephant Necklace

Red Bear was wearing:  Tee c/o American Apparel, Gap Shorts, H&M Sneakers

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  1. HI!!! How are you? 😀 You look amazing! Such an awesome idea. Indeed you can’t see through it at all! And it looks pretty at the same time! COOL! 😀 I so adore the color of the skirt and the shoes are killing me! Gorgeous! You look beautiful like every time!
    And YAY for listing Red Bear’s clothes as well 😀 He is a little fashion icon on the making! I’m sure that when your momma IS a fashion icon, then you’ll be one too lol! He looks really cute though with his small sneakers 🙂
    Kisseeeess!! 😀 😀

  2. 哈哈,我有一件黑色蕾丝ONE PIECE的蕾丝图案和你这件白色的一样哦。那件黑蕾丝我也经常穿,因为是ONE PIECE,出门前穿起来很方便。

    1. hallieadmin says:

      那你有没有发现一个问题, 就是如果手饰戴多了, 很容易把这些蕾丝们勾花, 有时候还有汽车的安全带, 要很小心才行的:D

  3. love your outfit! u are so good at mixing & matching!! and most of all, i want to steal your shoes!!! 😀

  4. 喜欢这身搭配, 聪明的HALLIE,知性又有点小性感哦

    1. hallieadmin says:

      是吗? 不过我自己有点看不太习惯这一身呢, 也不知道是什么原因, 也许是发型吧:D

  5. Love this color palette,beautiful blouses!The sandals are must have,I have to get me a pair;)

  6. 很特别的造型,从来没想到呢。Hallie就是棒。

    1. hallieadmin says:


  7. 小欣媽咪 says:


    1. hallieadmin says:

      谢谢亲爱的夸奖:) 那条裙子我也很喜欢呢, 四季都可以穿:) 也算是A字款吧:D

  8. 看了又看 says:


  9. I love the color of your skirt.
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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