Reiss Q&A: Christmas in My City

Hallie Swanson Holiday Look with Reiss,_0A few weeks ago, I was having dinner with a 75 years old friend who came from London, and he asked me what I have been up to lately.  I said: “I am working with Reiss right now, I think they come from London, too!”,

He was surprised, and said: “I know Reiss, they are one of our Princess Kate’s favorite brands, too, and we know she loves to shop there…”

Then I told him I had never worn this brand before (it’s the truth), but I am feeling in love with them right now after trying several of their outfits — they are very well made and the cut and fit are incredible!

Thanks to  Reiss for working with me, and I have just finished a Q&A with them about a “Christmas in My City” story.  Please feel free to check out my answers and more of my pictures in their blog, and don’t laugh when you read I told them that in Los Angeles, we can go to the beach during Christmas time! It is true! 😀

In Chinese: 几周前, 和一个75岁的来自伦敦的老头朋友吃饭, 他问我最近都在忙什么. 我说:”我这段时间和Reiss品牌合作. 这个牌子也是来自伦敦的.!”

他很惊喜的说:”我知道Reiss这个品牌的!也是我们凯特皇妃喜欢的牌子, 经常有看报道说她在那里买东西的.”

接下来, 我有告诉他说以前从未穿过这个牌子(你经常看我的博客就知道了), 但现在穿了几回这个品牌后, 有了很好的了解, 不仅质地优良, 而且剪裁非常的贴身, 现在归入了我最热爱品牌的行列.

谢谢REISS品牌这次的合作, 我与她家进行了一次”我城市里的圣诞节”的对话, 懂英文的朋友可以上她家网站读我的这个故事以及更多的相片. 不过如果你读到我说在洛杉矶, 我们可以在圣诞节去海滩的时候, 可千万别笑, 因为那是事实的哦!

Hallie Swanson Holiday Look with Reiss,_1

Hallie Swanson Holiday Look with Reiss,_3

HallieDaily Holiday Looks with Reiss_20

Hallie Swanson Holiday Look with Reiss,_4Camel Coat: Reiss

Dress: Reiss

Red Mini Clutch: Reiss

Shoes: Reiss

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  1. Beautiful look!

  2. A very chic look!! I love the dress with pastel colored coat. BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Mixed plaids look – New post in my blog.

  3. Love the dress- this is kind of what I’m looking for for upcoming holiday parties! Will have to check it out!

  4. U look really classy!!!!

  5. Graceful look !

  6. Such a gorgeous look Hallie and I’m so excited you are part of this campaign too! Check out my post from last Friday 😉


  7. what a beautiful dress!

  8. 看了又看 says:


  9. What a wonderful campaign – and I bet you were so proud to here that Reiss is one of Princess Kate’s favorite retailers. Love the stunning outfit you put together. x

  10. 太美了,十足的女人味!

  11. Since you’re talking about Reiss, it’s funny how I had never know about this brand until a few years ago when I visited Beijing. That’s where I was first exposed to Reiss and I bought 2 items from that store. I still have it till now and I love it so much! Then a couple of years ago when I was in London, of course I had to shop for more! LOL! They do have some beautiful dresses. I would wait to read your interview with Reiss.

  12. The dress is AMAZING!! Love love love!!

    xx, Anita

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