Purple + Blue Pattern

With Christmas coming closer and closer, I am deep down in the dizzying depths of a busy house-cleaning work, it seems suddenly I have to get everything cleaned up! ~ And are you the same? When weather gets extremely beautiful, I resort to wearing mostly colors. And it makes me happy!

In Chinese: 离圣诞节是越来越近了,最近都在忙着屋里屋外的清扫工作,觉得好象突然间要把所有的东西都清理干净!~还有,你们是不是也一样?当天气相当相当美的时候,我会喜欢把色彩鲜艳的衣服穿上身,心里美滋滋的!

I was wearing: H&M coat and ring, Zara Heels, ASOS Pants, J.Crew Silky Blouse, 3.1 Phillip Lim Satchel, Sunglasses from Big 5, Vintage necklace.

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  1. 我最愛親愛的穿上鮮豔色了!讓人看了心情也很開心喔!

    1. 支持支持买红色!!我也买了件红色衬衣,嘻嘻...

  2. OMG the pants….LOOOOVE LOVE LOVE the pants! Actually I also love the shirt, the coat, the bag…well pretty much everything.

  3. 對了,忘了說親愛的真是又漂亮又賢慧!娶到親愛的那個幸運男人可說是幸福滿滿喔!♥

    1. 我会向他转达这话的啊:)

  4. I love this combination! It’s great how you kept the accessories sleek and minimal to let the clothes do the talking. Wow I totally want to buy everything you’re wearing and replicate this exact outfit.

  5. I absolutely love this look!The pants, the shirt..everything!

  6. I love the trousers!!! vintage is really my style so I definitely LOVE this look!!! the color blocking is PERFECT and the coat just looks so cumfy 🙂 lol amazing amazing AMAZING! 😀

    1. Yeah, ! I love the trousers too! mostly, they are not expensive, hahaha…

  7. I’m in love with those pants and coat!Beautiful mix with purple blouse.H&M is getting better and better!

    1. Yes, I agree, H&M is getting better and better, but sad to say it, the H&M store in my area doesn’t carry a lot of good stuff!!!!

  8. I loooovvveeee the pants!!! Gorgeous outfit


  9. I don’t know if the pants are really my style, but you definitely look great in them (: I love how you paired with another bright colour instead of a neutral too.

    1. I don’t remember I ever see your post about your style, but I remember your talent!!!:D

  10. 看了又看 says:


    1. 看看肯定也是贤德的类型的:) ,每次看你的留言就知道你是知书达理之人....么么

  11. Oh yeah, I know what you mean about the cleaning thing… Uhm..actually my mom knows hahah!
    Your outfit is soooooo amazing!!!! I love all these colors, perfect to brighten up any day! And the coat is super lovely! It’s like you’re wrapped into a pretty sheep! How can I not adore this? 😀
    Red Bear is SO cuuuute! I always used to do this thing on stairs as well ahhaha! It’s like going down the stairs like a normal person is not for kids. Why not slide down if you can? hahaha! 😀

    1. Oh Yeah, Mom knows cleaning… :(, but I believe one day you will too:D
      and of course slide down is Red Bear’s way !:D

  12. You look amazing! Love the pants


  13. wow!!!

    1. 我们家门前已经放了圣诞老人呢:)

  14. 喜欢圣诞节,就是很快乐的。真想看看Hallie家的装饰呢。这艳色的搭配是很适合你的。怪不得你家LG喜欢啦。我也太喜欢Hallie…RB..。

    1. 谢谢亲爱的SUE!

      1. 好多了,还是会发脾气,太粘我了。昨天他奶奶还发火教训了他,告诉他不许爱哭,没人会喜欢他之类。他就是怕奶奶,对于我一点都不怕的那样。小孩子是有不同时期的情绪吧。RB闹情绪应该有原因吧?是想要很多礼物吗?圣诞节应该可以收到很多礼物吧。

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