Pink and Red: Lace Dress & Lace Bag

HallieDaily DKNY-Pink-Lace-Dress-Valentino-Shoes-Bag 1Happy Friday! Everyone!

Weather has been so hot this week in L.A., we have over 100F ! While Bob is traveling outside the U.S., Red Bear and I have been staying in the pool almost all day and watching lots of movies. Oh yes, we got tan 🙂

I was wearing this dress to a friend’s wedding a few weeks ago. Red and pink actually make a lovely and happy couple, don’t you think?

In Chinese: 中国的朋友们,已经到了周末了吧。你们那边的天气怎样?我们这边这几天好热好热!每天都40多度的高温。老公不在家的日子,我和RB有空就泡泳池或看电影去。两个人重重抹了防晒霜但还是被晒黑了。


HallieDaily DKNY-Pink-Lace-Dress-Valentino-Shoes-Bag 5

HallieDaily DKNY-Pink-Lace-Dress-Valentino-Shoes-Bag 4

DKNY Pink Lace Dress (here and here, last seen here)

Valentino RockStud Shoes(here, here  here , and here)

Valentino Lace Bag(old, love this new style)

Saint-Laurant Round Sunglasses

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7 Replies to “Pink and Red: Lace Dress & Lace Bag”

  1. 粉红色的裙子和红的鞋搭配好看。参加婚礼太好了。周末愉快:)

  2. I love those shoes chick, they’re classics

  3. Eye like fashion says:

    Pretty dress, color and sandals!!

  4. Beautiful dress! I love that its such a spring color but still has long sleeves.

  5. You look lovely in this pink dress. Oh yes, I recently was in OC and visited Disneyland. I did experience the intense heat and I had some tan myself too! LOL!

  6. 看了又看 says:


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