Pink in October

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! May I ask how many of you have just got a routine check-up and mammogram?  To be honest with you, I haven’t done it for a while, pretty long time I would say.  It’s bad, I know.  So I’m reminding myself, too!

Wearing Pink on my blog today, to remind myself and you, too, every 15 minutes, a woman dies of breast cancer in the U.S. and when breast cancer is detected early in the localized stage, the 5 year survival rate is over 95% (date base on

In Chinese: 10月是乳癌防治月。可以问一下女性朋友们,最近你去做妇科检查是什么时候?我很惭愧的,已经有很长一段时间没有去看医生做检查了。我自己知道,这并不好。

所以今天在博客里穿上粉色,向自己也向女性朋友们提个醒,在美国每隔15分钟就有一名女性死于乳癌,而乳癌发现得早,在5年内的治预率是95%以上。(数据由 网站提供)


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Pink Tweed Jacket: Chinese Brand Ellassay (Similar here)

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Tieks by Gavrieli Flats

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10 Replies to “Pink in October”

  1. 对呀,健康很重要。粉红色毛衣可爱:)

  2. 看了又看 says:


  3. 東方人不適合裸色唇膏,看著很不精神。

  4. Such a lovely outfit, love the bow detailing on your sweater! Tieks flats are pretty, gorgeous color.

  5. Eye like fashion says:

    Darling in pink!

  6. 这个倒是真的,我一个朋友就是乳腺癌,幸好发现得早。我自己也是每年一次雷打不动去妇科检查。健康的身体是万事的根本。:)

  7. Gorgeous outfit, so classic. Great that your promoting breast cancer awareness, good cause

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