A Pink Mess

Pink Coat, Striped Skirt, Print Top_4

In today’s outfit, I combine different prints but keep it in the pink monochromes, touched with a little bit of blue and gold to brighten the whole outfit up. I really like the result, I hope you like it too?

This week is Red Bear’s Birthday week — he turns 5!  We have so many plans going on right now, I’m so excited about it, can’t wait to share with you more details.

In Chinese: 在今天的搭配里, 我在粉色系列的基础上, 将不同图案进行混搭. 融入些许兰色和金饰完成整套造型. 我自己非常喜欢这个造型, 希望你也喜欢?

RB的生日在这一周(好兴奋! 他就要老到5岁了!), 我们已经有了很多的帮他过生日的方案(与同学的, 与朋友的, 与家人的)…真等不及到时与你分享.

Pink Coat, Striped Skirt, Print Top_2

Pink Coat, Striped Skirt, Print Top_5

Pink Coat, Striped Skirt, Print Top_7

Pink Coat, Striped Skirt, Print Top_8

Pink Coat, Striped Skirt, Print Top_6

Pink Coat, Striped Skirt, Print Top_0

Coat: Zara(From last year)

Top: River Island

Skirt: J.Crew (still on sale)

Clutch: LOFT

Sandals: Celine


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13 Replies to “A Pink Mess”

  1. 紅粉佳人!粉嫩嫩的好水啊!氣色紅潤、膚質好極了!

    提前祝福可愛的RB〝Happy Birthday〞天天開心:D

  2. I love all of the beautiful pink colors in this look! It’s so perfect for spring. And yay on your son’s 5th birthday this week! How exciting!! Hope you have fun planning it. 🙂 <3


  3. Such a gorgeous dress! you look lovely, Hallie!

  4. diggin that top!


  5. Oh dear, this looks so perfectly perfect! I’m simply so in love with this almost Barbie outfit!


  6. Love every single piece of your outfit!

  7. Love the outfit! This look is amazing!


  8. 看了又看 says:


  9. I just love these prints together! Lovely look!


  10. beatriz L. says:

    I love this coat and top !! Beautiful outfit and very elegant woman.

  11. Super cute outfit, love your trench!

    xoxo, Diana ☠

  12. i love the whole you 🙂
    you look so pretty

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