Pink Is The Color of Flowers

Whenever I choose lip and nails colors, though I intend to choose something trendy like neon, I always get my eyes on those pink shades first. I think: Whereas red is the color of deep and abiding love, pink is red’s youthful counterpart. For a flower lover like me, if I have to choose one color for the flowers, I think it’s pink.

By wearing pink, it always brings me a buoyant feeling, and it makes me happy:)

In Chinese: 每次进化妆品店选品红或指甲油,即使我很想要的是那种很时髦的颜色,比如荧光色, 但是我的眼球总是先会被一堆粉色系吸引.我想:如果大红色是那种热烈挚爱的颜色,而粉色则应该是大红色的年轻版本, 二者不相上下.对于喜欢花的我而言, 如果让我选择一种代表花的颜色,我想那会是粉色.


Diane von Furstenberg Floral Blouse (old)

Zara Pink Blazer

Forever21 Skirt

Acne Boots

D&G Watch

Miu Miu Bag

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Lucky Brand Ring

Socks from Target

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  1. 小欣媽咪 says:

    甜美~配合著hallie的笑容,如花一般燦爛> <


    1. hallieadmin says:


  2. Oh this is such a fun, coloured outfit. Love every single piece you’re wearing!

  3. I like that saying” Pink is red’s youthful counterpart.” 😛 In my closet ,few clothes in red,but in pink,yes! 😀
    A bright outfits,es you said it bring us a buoyant feeling,i do think so.:D I love every piece of the outfits,maybe i can’t say they are master piece,but are clasic, and the combination is great,so for me all these pieces are worth possessing.

    1. hallieadmin says:

      hhahah,,,really? I never know that you like pink also, cause all the outfits pictures you sent me are all pink-less.hehehe,,,,I want to see you on with pink on 😀

  4. 粉色很显嫩哦。本来也很嫩呢。嘻嘻。

    1. hallieadmin says:


  5. 看了又看 says:


    1. hallieadmin says:


  6. Really cute! So pretty and feminine with the floral shirt. I love the cut-out eyelet detailing on the skirt. I’m thinking of pulling out my pink blazer again before summer ends!
    Van // The Clothes We Wear // Wearing motherhood with style.

    1. hallieadmin says:

      yeah, I want to see you wear that pink blazer again, it’s beautiful:)

  7. ZOMG I want to get those ACNE boots! are they comfortable? And is there a reason why they’re half zipped? Lol… Your outfit reminds me of the centers of peonies!


  8. hallie,你好呀 我想买对UGG的雪地靴,上周看到有论坛的妹子从USA买了一对回来才90刀,但我逛了下MACY 也木有找到,请问有好的购物网站可以推荐么?主要想买这个UGG的靴子的,谢谢哟····:)

    1. hallieadmin says:

      亲爱的可以上Nordstrom网站看看, 这是个很大的购物商场,至于他们是不是国际运寄我就不是很清楚了,你可以试着上去看看.至于你说的朋友有买90美金左右,是不是打折的时候买的?或者是买的童装号?

      1. 好的 我去那家看看,不知道她买的什么号得···· MS还是新出的蓝色 很浅的蓝色····把我羡慕死了

        1. hallieadmin says:


  9. Oh my God, I love your shirt!!!

    1. hallieadmin says:

      Thank you YIN:D

  10. So cute! I absolutely love this look! I love the fun skirt and the socks with the shoes.
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  11. 有美到哦!

    1. hallieadmin says:

      这样说吧,他是摄影师加灯光师, 我是导演加演员加剪辑, 哈哈...

  12. Ah, colored Hallie again lol! Pink looks amazing on you! 😀 This blazer is gorgeous and the details on the sleeves make it even more perfect! Your bag and shirt are beautiful as well! You’re gorgeous head to toe 😀 And I adooore Red Bear’s picture! His eyes are really pretty <3

    1. hallieadmin says:

      You are always so sweet Demy, and you always mention me from head to toe,,,lol…you are so aware all the details! no wonder everybody love you!

  13. Hallie还是穿鲜艳的衣服好看!超级青春潮妈哦,嘻嘻^^

  14. Wow what a great colour jacket! I love it with the shirt underneath 🙂 FOund you on lookbook because you wore lots of lovely colours 🙂

    1. hallieadmin says:

      Thank you Lucy!:D

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