Peter Pan Collar and Lace Up Shoes

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Let’s talk about our dress code again today, shall we?

I love love love turtleneck style, but every time I pull one on, it either makes my neck disappear or feels very uncomfortable, too tightly touching my neck (I will try one of those loose turtlenecks next time, like this one or this one). On the other hand, a Peter Pan collar top/sweater helps me to define my style, and I think it softens my high cheek bones.

I guess we have to come back to the old conclusion : wear something that fits you and makes you feel comfortable. Oh! Sometimes I say take risk, too! A “pop” of something unexpected can bring an outfit new life. Wish you have a Happy Wednesday!

In Chinese: 今天想要再和你聊聊我们每个人的着装喜好。



HallieDaily-Celine-Bag-Lace-Up-Shoes-Peter-Pan-Collar-Sweater 3

HallieDaily-Celine-Bag-Lace-Up-Shoes-Peter-Pan-Collar-Sweater 4

HallieDaily-Celine-Bag-Lace-Up-Shoes-Peter-Pan-Collar-Sweater 2


HallieDaily-Celine-Bag-Lace-Up-Shoes-Peter-Pan-Collar-Sweater 5

Alice + Oliva Peter Pan Collar Sweater

TopShop Culottes(sold out, similar here)

Celine Trapeze Bag(c/o, Reebonz)

Necklace: Capwell + Co(c/o)

Aquazzura Lace Up Sandals

(If you are considering buying them, they are very comfortable and true to size)

Prada Sunglasses

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