The Party Look I Picked From

When I saw these Luichiny Be Dazzled Black Glitter and Lucite Floating Bow Heels from‘s newsletter, I immediately contacted my good buddy friend Tierney (remember this post and this post? I had a very good and nice working experience with Tierney) , and asked her if I can make a Holiday Party Look with Lulu again.

Big thanks to them so that I can show you another of my Holiday/Party looks. Paired these shoes with Motel Zabby Black and White Print Dress (worn as a top, this style has sold out online). and a white jeans and the oldie Zara fur coat, with a red lips, and I was ready to rock the party.

I love love love these shoes, despite they look similar to these Christian Louboutin Bow Sandals. Look at those glitter bows and the hearts on the bottom of the shoes, so cute and they are so comfortable to walk, too. I personally think they look a lot  more expensive than their selling price of $77. Too bad we have cold weather hitting in our area today, or I would have really wanted to show you the shoes with a dress (bare legs of course!)

P.S Before heading to to get these shoes for yourself, don’t forget to put in a code: HALLIE.  You will get 15% off for your total order( It’s valid from 12/13-12/16, 2012, one use per customer, and I am sorry this coupon is only valid for customers in the U.S. and Canada.)

In Chinese: 那天收到Lulu.com网站的宣传邮件, 上面有介绍这双蝴蝶结鞋,怦然心动,  于是立即联系了我在Lulu网站的朋友Tierney(不知道你是不是还记得在这篇博客 这篇博客,我当时就有和Tierney愉快合作的经历), 很诚恳的有问Tierney是不是可以与她们合作, 从她们网站选出一些单品来搭配不同款节日造型.

谢谢LuLu网站很大方的赠予了我几份单品, 而我今天也能向你先展示第一个造型, 一件黑白格纹的无袖单裙当上衣穿, 配上白色牛仔裤和两年前这件旧的Zara家的毛毛衣, 又一个趴体造型哦, 当然, 红唇也是少不了的.

真的很爱很爱这双鞋子, 有些人可能会说这也太象Christian Louboutin的蝴蝶结凉鞋了吧,    但是这双亮片蝴蝶结和鞋底的红心设计真的也很可爱很特别不是吗, 穿起来还很舒服, 我个人觉得, 鞋子看起来比她的售价77美金要看上去贵很多.很可惜今天洛杉矶遇寒流, 不然真希望可以光腿穿裙子来配这双鞋子了:)

P.S. 如果你有冲动也很想上Lulu.com买这双鞋, 从2012年12月13-16日), 凭这个优惠代码: HALLIE, 在该网站购物可以享受全场8.5折的优惠哦, 不过这个代码只对在美国和加拿大的消费者起效, 而且限每人只能使用一次. 所以如果你要买点啥, 最好仔细浏览清楚后再下单. :)  祝大家购物愉快!


Luichiny Be Dazzled Black Glitter and Lucite Floating Bow Heels (c/o, via

Motel Zabby Black and White Print Dress(wore as top, sorry but this style has sold out online, c/o, via

J.Crew Jeans, Zara Fur Coat(2011)

Gap Sunglasses, Vintage Clutch

Jewelries: YSL, H&M, J.Crew, Forever21, T+J

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  1. 如白雪般的俏麗造型、性感紅唇、可愛的蝴蝶結鞋。。。從頭到腳我都好喜歡!
    全身雪白的look令我驚豔。華麗、個性又搶眼。大愛啊 ^^

  2. You look absolutely stunning! And those shoes are sooooo hot! I want them!!!!

  3. nice picks dear! the shoes are so pretty! I’ve work with Tierney once at Polyvore and she was so sweet! it was a great experience for me too 🙂 xx

  4. 看了又看 says:


  5. i think your style is impeccable

  6. loving your whole look! especially the coat 🙂

  7. This is FABULOUS! that coat is such a statement..I LOVE it!
    Sheree xxx

  8. omg, your shoes is to die for! loving it to bits. 🙂

  9. stunning look! you look absolutely fabulous:)

  10. What can i say.. U look like an angel with that fur coat floating on those heels.. Great styling hun.

  11. This outfit is amazing! You look stunning!

    Rachel Ashley

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