Theater Wear: Milly Sleeveless Coat and ACNE Jeans

HallieDaily: Milly Sleeveless Coat N ACNE Jeans

I wore this outfit last week to the theater to watch a movie with my little family — light makeup and little bit heels. Very comfy, very casual yet still me.

Oh, yes! I agree with you, I need a hair-cut, don’t I ? I just created a “Hair” board on my Pinterest; do you think I would look good in any of them?
In Chinese: 上周的某日穿着这身与一家小口去看电影来着,只是淡妆,换上了双带点跟的帅气靴。很舒适,随意,但依然还保留自己的风格。

对了,有没有朋友说我该剪头发了?哈哈,我完全同意哈,在我的 Pinterest 灵感版块,我刚刚建了块Hair 灵感区,收集了我最近很想要的一款发型,感兴趣的朋友去看看帮我参考参考?谢谢了!
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Prada Printed Blazer

HallieDaily: Prada Blazer Vince Leggings Chanel Bag 3

Happy Monday to you!

How was your weekend? We got some big wind in our area, plus Bob is not home for a week on an overseas trip business. Red Bear and I are pretty much enjoying staying home and doing indoor activities. Suggested by Red Bear, we had a lovely walk to a grocery store and brought some food home, nothing special and exciting, but I do enjoy spend some precious time with my little love, and hearing him tell me, “Mommy, I love you!” all the time. (Well, maybe not all the time, but most of the time, and plenty to make my heart so warm! )

Talking about today’s outfit, this Prada blazer might be my first ever designer blazer, the fit is incredible, and I am so in love.

In Chinese: 亲们周一好!刚刚过去的周末,你过得可好?我们这边刮大风, 再加上老公出差了,所以我和RB基本上周末都呆家里了。周六的时候,RB倒是自己提议说是走路去家附近的超市买菜,两人世界很简单很闷,但是我却很享受与我小情人在一起的美好时光,很喜欢听他成天说着:“妈妈,我爱你!”哈哈,虽说不是成天说,但是他时不时的就会蹦出一句,或抱着我来一句,听着心都化了。

说回到今天的穿着,这件Prada 西装应该是我的第一件大牌设计师西装。剪裁真的是没得说,太喜欢了!

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Weekend Inspiration: Pink Faux Fur Coat


One of my favorite pictures that I found via Pinterest (Please contact me for picture credit if this picture belong to you.)

Updated: Thanks to Em for telling me this picture is —-  Clemence Poesy for Glamour UK February 2012 issue. Photographer: David Oldham / Stylist: Sophie Cooper /Hair: Lisa Eastwood /Make-up: Lisa Eldridge /Model: Clemence Poesy)

I can’t help it, I will always be a big fan of pink in different shades. Love so much this pink fur (I hope it’s faux fur) coat that is paired with a floral dress and a pair of pink shoes and pink Mulberry bag, so feminine, and romantic!  Although I have have a couple faux fur coats in my closet, but the search to find a “perfect”  faux fur coat is endless, and the “smoky pink” is a dreamy Need!

In Chinese:  上面的这张图片是我在Pinterest  上收藏的最喜欢的图片之一(如果相片的主人看到的话,请联系我,我一定会在相片里加注出处。谢谢!)


Shop some of my favorite faux fur coats below: