Pink on Pink: Oversized Cardigan and Lace Pencil Skirt

HallieDaily Pink-on-Pink-Oversized-Cardigan-Lace-Pencil-Skirt  7I like how ASOS styled this oversize cardigan in their website (can’t go wrong with striped tee + black skinny jeans + loafers). But today I want to style this cardigan in a very feminine ladylike look,  with white tee + lace pencil skirt + mid heel pumps. Add a long pink cardigan, and it make my simple ladylike look go to the next level.

In Chinese: 第一次在ASOS  看到 这件粉色长款开衫 就很喜欢,喜欢她家网站模特的穿着方式:横纹T+黑色瘦脚年仔裤+平底鞋,看上去特别休闲。但今天我尝试用这件开衫配以特别女性化的搭配:白色T+蕾丝铅笔裙+中跟桃色鞋。外面套上一件粉色开衫,为整款特别女性化的搭配带来不一样的飘逸感。

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Shopping: Suede Bow Flats

Miu Miu and French Sole Bow Flats

A bold grosgrain bow brings a touch of retro glamour to a pointy-toe suede pump. While the Miu Miu version($417) has already sold out in everywhere, you can shop the French Sole version ($189.95) here.

In Chinese: 喜欢Miu Miu家前些年的这款大蝴蝶结平底尖头鞋,在舒适的同时,还带有些复古的优雅感,可惜Miu Miu的这款已经到处售空,不过现在新的品牌French Sole在更诱人的价格上($189.95)以类似的设计和质感,相信也能得到喜欢平底鞋的MM的倾心,网购地址在这里

Gray, White and Favorite Sale Picks

HallieDaily Gray and White 1

The temperature is getting higher and higher this week in L.A. Summer is still here, and so are all the sales. With all the stores starting to get in some new Fall items, there are now tons of Spring and Summer items on sale — some serious good deals out there!!!   As I told you in this post, I hunted this Proenza Schouler PS11 Tote Bag until I got a very good deal price, and recently just got this H&M pleated skirt for $15.

A friendly reminder: the Nordstrom Anniversary sale ends August 4th when the prices go back up — I would suggest you start stocking in some Fall/winter accessories. For example: this Burberry Brit ‘Cobridge’ Hooded Anorak with Detachable Liner and this Theory ‘Winxie’ Wool Cardigan.

Go to the end of this post, and you can check on my other favorite designer sales.

In Chinese: LA这一周的温度会越来越高。秋天还没来,但各大商家都已经开始迎进秋装,所以现在正是采购春夏打折品的好时机,一些上几季的大品牌甚至已经打到了二五折。

这篇博文里有和大家说过我以很好的打折价拿到了这款Proenza Schouler PS11 包,最近还在H&M折扣区以15美金的价格买下了这条白色百折裙。

最近打折很火的当属Nordstrom 的年度打折。 记得打折的最后期限是8月4日,之后价格会恢复原价。我的建议就是在她家买进新款秋装,比如这件Burberry Brit 家的带帽风衣和这款Theory 家的羊毛开衫。


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