Cozy Friday: Cable Sweater and Over The Knee Boots

HallieDaily-Cable Knit Sweater-Over-the-Knee Boots-Denim-Jacket

Rain, rain, rain again! Since last night, the rains have been pulling hard in L.A.; this might be the first big rain Red Bear has seen in his life.  Floods everywhere, that will be a big challenge for me to pick him up from school later.  Stay safe, everyone!  For extra excitement last night, a skunk tried to go into our garage to get out of the rain, and our dogs chased him away, but not before he left his skunk perfume — good thing the rain washed it away soon!

Today I want to show you my cozy outfit for a chilly day like today. I love the pattern on this J.Crew cable sweater, and as for these over-the-knee boots, be prepared to see me wearing them a lot this winter!

In Chinese: 下雨了!下雨了!我们这昨晚下了一晚的大雨,早上起来到处都在积水,估计这是RB长这么大见过的最大的一场雨。希望一会我去学校接RB放学的时候积水已经去除。祝亲爱的大家出门平安!


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Furry Babe: Pink Faux Fur Coat and Over The Knee Boots


Last night, we went to celebrate a friend’s birthday party. I chose a mini skirt + over-the-knee boots combination, a little bit flirty, and showing just enough skin. This faux fur pink coat quickly become my wardrobe favorite, remember this post I wrote couple weeks ago? I think I just found my perfect pink faux fur coat.

These Stuart Weitzman “Highland” boots have been so popular and almost sold out everywhere, but I luckily found the last pair in my size after the sale season, (thanks to an unknown someone who returned them!). And now I know why they are so popular and really worth the money.  Love them!

In Chinese: 昨晚去参加一个朋友的生日聚会,选择穿上一条迷你短裙加一双长靴,稍稍露点腿,玩点小轻挑。这件粉色的假毛外套最近是我的新欢,记得上几周我在 这篇博文 里聊起粉色大衣?我想我终于找到了我心目中理想的那一件。

这双Stuart Weitzman家的高靴,我终于知道为什么她这么受欢迎了,几乎都处都卖空,前段时间我很幸运的找到了一双我的码,估计得要谢谢退货的那个人。靴子不仅舒服贴腿,而且非常显腿瘦长,价格贵,但我觉得物有所值。

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Oversized Camel Coat

HallieDaily-Maxi Camel Coat-Black Denim Shirt-Black Coated Jeans
Hi everyone! A quick “Hello” today, wish you all have a wonderful day!


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