Travel: Beach Life in San Pedro, Belize (2)

HallieDaily: Traveling in San Pedro, Belize, Romantic Lace Dress and Box Bag
It’s funny that one of the complaints I had during our trip to Belize was that Bob didn’t really tell me how rough and wild some of our adventures would be, so I could pack some suitable “jungle clothes.” And we did have some pretty wild adventures in addition to snorkeling and swimming at “Shark Ray Alley,” like a 25-mile open boat ride up the New River during a tropical rainstorm, exploring huge 2,000-year old Mayan ruins, and riding horses in the rainforest. I told him, “I packed most of my clothing like going to a wedding!” It was a joke, but dressing like a “fashionista traveler” isn’t that bad, and that is what I planned to do. But we adapted and had fun — for example, when we were being soaked by the rain during the boat ride up the river, we covered ourselves with big, black plastic leaf bags, and survived!

In Chinese: 很搞笑的是,我们在去伯利兹旅游的过程中,我一直不停的和老公抱怨说,你都不提醒我和给我交待清楚,弄得我在打包行李时拿的衣服好象都是去参加婚礼的。因为在旅途的最后几天,我们突然增加了不少行程,比如雨天乘船进山,和在森林里行走等等,防蚊防晒剂倒是带了不少,但是下次去真的一定得带双雨天登山鞋!当然,做个浪漫时尚的旅行者感觉也不错。

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What to Wear: 4th of July



One of my shopping regrets is that I didn’t get my hands on the Tibi Red Full Skirt.  Yesterday I found Tibi has a new collection that comes with these red silk culottes, I placed the order right away, I think it will be a great piece for the coming 4th of July.  I plan to pair it with a Chloe White Top, and a blue straw tote, the American flag scarf is always a good idea to dress up for the 4th of July, and a big sun hat is good of any outdoor activities.  Most 4th of July events are outdoor, so a pair of straw flats will be welcome for the grass.  I’ll be wearing a pair of thick frame sunglasses before the sunset and will have a blanket handy to enjoy the 9PM fireworks display.

This year we plan to have different 4th July celebration than usual, and I will show you that day!

In Chinese: 虽然衣橱里已经堆满了数不清的衣物,但是我还是有一些想买却买不到的购物遗憾,比如前去年很红的Tibi家的红色大摆裙。昨天发现她家新产品系列中推出了这款红色的宽脚裤,咬咬牙果断的买下了。正好赶上美国国庆日穿。打算配件Chloe家的简单款白色上衣,和一款兰色的包包,印有美国国旗图案的围巾是点缀的好点子,大帽子防晒还带点神秘优雅感。大多美国国庆庆祝活动都是室外,所以一双好走路的平底鞋对自己和对草地都是有好处的哦。庆祝活动一般从下午就开始了,所以白天的时候戴帽大黑镜,晚上看烟火的时候与家人合拥一块毯子。


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Travel: Beach Life in San Pedro, Belize

HallieDaily: Travel, Beach Wear and Beach Life in San Pedro, Belize

Happy Tuesday, my dear friends.

Thank you for your visiting today, so that I can share some of the beautiful moments of our family vacation in Belize last week. There are so many pictures on my phone and our camera, I wish I could show you all!

In Chinese: 亲们周二好。


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