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Happy Weekend, Everyone!

It’s such beautiful Mid-October Autumn weather here in L.A.! It makes me happy and feeling energetic.

Today I want to spend some time to share some of my recent beauty products with you, and I hope you will tell me what you bought recently for your beauty?

In Chinese: 亲爱的周末好!



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Sandro Leopard Coat and Midi Skirt

HallieDaily: Sandro Leopard Coat N Clutch W Midi Skirt 33
A leopard coat is one of the statement pieces for every Fall/Winter. I love this Sandro “exclusive for Saks” leopard coat — it’s unique because it comes in a green tone! It is so different than the other “natural” leopard prints that are already in my closet. Here I matched it with a transparent clutch with the same jade tone, and a cutout midriff style for a trendy yet sophisticated look. Touched the luxe up with a gold watch and red lips/nails.

In Chinese: 每年秋冬,各大小品牌差不多都会推出一款动物纹外套。我今天穿的这件是巴黎Sandro品牌特别为 Saks 订制供售的动物纹大衣。与我衣橱里其他动物纹大衣不同的是,这件动物纹呈绿色调,看上去很特别。配了一个同色调的也是她家的手包。因为洛杉矶这边天气还不是很冷,所以配了时尚感十足的短款上衣,稍稍露出小腹,成熟妩媚。金色手表与红色口红与指甲油为整款造型添加豪华感。

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Fall Layers: Gray Coat , Sweater Dress and Scarf

HallieDaily: Gray-Coat-Scarf-Vintage-JeanPaulGaultier 1

A couple weeks ago, a Singapore-based kid’s wear design line CAVALIER Vault contacted me and wanted to work together.  After looking around their website, I was really impressed by their kidswear design, it’s super fun and cute, and I haven’t seen this kid’s pants anywhere else before.  I was really curious about how it would look on Red Bear.

In Chinese: 几周前,一个在新加坡的童装设计网站CAVALIER Vault 与我联系,想要合作。把她家网站逛了几下,被其童装的独特设计所吸引,非常的可爱还很有趣。当看到这条童装裤时 , 我立即就想到了RB,好想看看RB穿上身什么是什么感觉。

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