Rainy Day: Distressed Jeans & Boxy Top

Levi's Vintage Distressed Jeans, Isabel Marant Top, Mark Cross Bag, Chanel Pumps, via: HallieDaily

A distressed jeans look from a couple days ago,,, a rainy day indeed. Happy Wednesday! Everyone!

What I wore: Isabel Marant Boxy Top / Levi’s Vintage Jeans / Zara Turtleneck / Mark Cross Bag / Chanel Vintage Pumps / Denim Hair Tie / Dior Sunglasses(new love)

In Chinese: 几天前的一个下雨天,一款破洞牛仔裤穿上身,女人味不减,也不打算减,呵呵。大家周三快乐!

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Lace Dress & Ankle Boots

Giamba Lace Dress, Zara Ankle Boots, Mark Cross Box Bag, via: HallieDaily

After a couple days of cloudy and foggy weather, L.A. today is windy and cold.  Spring can’t come soon enough for me, so don’t mind me if I wear flower blossoms on my dress!

What I wore: Giamba Dress(so lucky to get it on an incredible sale, similar here ) / Zara Ankle Boots / Mark Cross  Mini Grace Bag/ Miu Miu Sunglasses (old, new color here)

In Chinese: 过了几天阴阴沉沉的天气,洛城今天太阳高照却大风不停,刮起风来还真是冷。春天快点来吧,等不来春天,我今天只好将春天穿上身喽。

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LACE, LACE, LACE, & Mini Boxbag

Ralph Lauren Lace Jacket, Free People High Neck Lace Top, J.Crew Pink Lace Pants, Mark Cross Box Bag, Transparent Bag, Chanel Barrette, via: HallieDaily
A triple lace pastel outfit this Sunday.  Wish you’re enjoying your weekend!


What I wore: Ralph Lauren Lace Jacket / Free People High Neck Lace Top / J.Crew Pink Lace Pants / Mark Cross Box Bag / Chanel Barrette / Saint Laurent “Paris” Pumps / Sunglasses

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Friday: Raw Hem Jeans & Camel Sweater

Camel Sweater, Gray Blazer, Raw Hem Jeans, Celine Bag, via: HallieDaily

From what I’ve learned living in Los Angeles, according to “L.A. style,” people wear jeans all season long, and they take jeans to another level.  Pair it with a statement top for a girl’s night out, or wear it with a blazer for a casual business meeting or coffee chat, or dress up the jeans look with some other glam item.   I am still a “skirt girl” at heasrt, but I am also L.A. resident!

What I wore:  REISS Blazer(on sale) / GAP Camel Sweater(on sale) / Free People Raw Hem Jeans /Square Sunglasses / Celine Bag / Gianvito Rossi Pumps (old, similar here and here)

In Chinese: 在洛杉矶呆久了,不免在穿衣上会受到大部分LA人穿衣的影响,就是一条牛仔裤穿四季。不少时尚人士更是将牛仔裤穿出了另一个档次。夜间出行配双高跟鞋和一件“吸睛”上衣,别致大方。而白天商业人士见面会谈,或者朋友间咖啡约谈什么的,也是一条牛仔裤加件休闲时装的通勤装束,严谨与休闲之间的契合,也是这座城市的魅力。选裤子还是选裙子?我虽然还是”选裙子“的那一类,但毕竟我也是LA一族。

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