Romantic: Faux Fur , Cashmere and Tulle

HallieDaily: Fur Collar and Tulle Skirt

Last night, I wrote an email to Bob, besides telling him how much we miss him and love him, and how much I appreciate those times when he is home and helping me around with my blog, I told him I have to announce the giveaway winner on my blog today — the hardest part. Seriously, I really want to give everyone one set, so sad that there is only 1 winner. And the winner is : Vanessa Lao.

When I read Vanessa’s comment, it really touched my heart! I love how people appreciate what they have gone through in life and always remember to give back. It’s the Thanksgiving season, it’s the time to thank those people who have ever helped/supported/loved us during our life.

Thank you everyone who entered the contest, and thank you for your visiting!

In Chinese: 先生不在家的日子,每天都是邮件交流,昨晚给他写邮件,除了告诉他我和宝宝想他爱他,我还和他说,在他不在家的日子,让我更加的意识到他在我生活中的重要性,他为我的博客,总是在默默无闻的奉献。平常两个人见面,总没有机会说他说感谢,现在化为文字,好象更易抒发吧。在邮件里,还和他说,今天要在博客里公布资生堂护肤品的获奖者,我和他说,这是最让我头疼的一件事,因为真的很想给每位朋友都送出一份礼物,可惜每次获奖名额总是有限。而这次的获奖者是:Vanessa Lao

当读到Vanessa Lao的留言,很是触动我的内心。 我特别欣赏在生活中一路走来,懂得感恩谢恩的人,也懂得在适当时机回馈的人。感恩节即将来临,这是一个让人们对生活中所以曾经帮助过自己,支持过自己和爱过自己的人一个报恩的季节。


I am wearing a faux fur collar by ASOS, cashmere cardigan by Cashmereinlove, Bag by Miu Miu, Shoes by Celine, Earrings by Dior and Tulle skirt by Space46boutique.

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Black and White Style: Chunky Sweater and Mini Skirt

HallieDaily: Black & White-Chunky Sweater and Mini Skirt 4

Happy Wednesday! Everyone!

Since Bob (my husband and my photographer) is not home these days, I am not able to show you more styles that I am currently obsessing with. But we are enjoying very good weather these few days in L.A., and this old/ unpublished outfit is very appropriate!

Besides the style, may I talk about the phone case I am wearing today? I have always wanted this “CHANEL” print phone case, but because of “fakes” and other reasons, I was very hesitant to buy it, until back to September when I was in New York, and I met one friend who was carrying the same phone case, It looked so good on her! And she works for “CHANEL” ! She told me couple reasons that is OK to wear it,the main thing she told me is: Chanel doesn’t make any phone case like it, so it is not a copy or “fake”! And that’s why I am getting it.

There are almost everybody asking me where did I get my phone case every time I wear this phone case out, I tell everybody the same thing:”it looks cute, and I like the design and the chain, but I wouldn’t recommend for buying it. It’s very poor quality and its very cheap made plastic, and it’s just for fun!”

May I ask you, will you wear something like that?

In Chinese: 亲爱的,谢谢今天又来看我。


除了搭配,今天想要和你聊聊今天的这个手机壳?我一直都很想要这款印有”CHANEL” 字样的手机壳,但是因为很多原因,假冒是最重要原因,所以一直都没有买,直到今年九月的时候在纽约遇到一个朋友, 看见她拿在手上,简直是太好看了,最关键的,我的那个朋友还是CHANEL的高层!她和我说了不少可以拿的原因,其中一个原因就是说CHANEL并没有出品这款产品,所以谈不上假冒。这也就是我几前个月终于买下她的理由。



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Theater Wear: Milly Sleeveless Coat and ACNE Jeans

HallieDaily: Milly Sleeveless Coat N ACNE Jeans

I wore this outfit last week to the theater to watch a movie with my little family — light makeup and little bit heels. Very comfy, very casual yet still me.

Oh, yes! I agree with you, I need a hair-cut, don’t I ? I just created a “Hair” board on my Pinterest; do you think I would look good in any of them?
In Chinese: 上周的某日穿着这身与一家小口去看电影来着,只是淡妆,换上了双带点跟的帅气靴。很舒适,随意,但依然还保留自己的风格。

对了,有没有朋友说我该剪头发了?哈哈,我完全同意哈,在我的 Pinterest 灵感版块,我刚刚建了块Hair 灵感区,收集了我最近很想要的一款发型,感兴趣的朋友去看看帮我参考参考?谢谢了!
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