Black and White Style: Plaid Shirt and Lace Pencil Skirt

HallieDaily:Black and Whie Style-Plaid Shirt-Leather Jacket-Lace Skirt 6
Yesterday, I went to a business lunch meeting with my husband. It was the sort of occasion that was somewhere between casual and formal, so I keep my dress code as clean and classic, adding a pair of pink earrings make the whole black and white look not too boring, and looking approachable and pleasant.

In Chinese: 昨天中午,陪先生去和他的一个生意伙伴用午餐。因为场合既不算太正式,也不能太随意,所以当时穿衣以干净整洁和大方得体为主,加了一副粉色的耳环让整款黑白搭配不是太闷,而且看上去平易近人。

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Floral Dress and White Leather Jacket

HallieDaily-Floral Prom Dress-White Leather Jacket-Chanel Boy Bag 2

I wore this outfit to Church last Sunday.

Rain hit after early Church service, and we almost quit taking pictures because of the rain, but somehow we found this place near our house. I like that the blossoming trees gave us just enough space for taking pictures and the flower-on-flower pictures make me happy. I can’t wait for real Spring to come to us, and to you, too, wherever you are.

In Chinese: 上周日穿着这身去教堂。


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Fall in Love at First Sight: Oscars Best Dressed

So yesterday, when the Oscars happened, I was on my routine to go to hot yoga. “Don’t you want to watch the Oscar and the red carpet?” my husband asked me.

“I do, but there are so many people around, and they don’t really need me. and I need to take care of myself, ” I answered with a joke. The fact is I was thinking tons of images will come out the next day, and I would be happy to spend few hours practicing yoga, not just sitting in front of the TV when I don’t need to.

But even then, when I came home after the hot yoga, I couldn’t wait to turn on the TV and watch the Oscars show! I caught the part when Sienna Miller made a speech, and the first moment I saw her dress, I immediately fell in love. And she looked so much nicer on the screen than in all the pictures today. I actually liked when she moved, the lace bottom of the dress moved just flawlessly, and those little bows made the all black dress look chic and pretty.

Oscars 2015- sienna-Oscar de la Renta Dress

Oscars 2015- sienna-Oscar de la Renta Dress


Sienna’s dress is from the Oscar de la Renta’s RTW 2015 Fall collection.

Oscars 2015- sienna-Oscar de la Renta Dress

I also love the another dress, too. I think Emma Stone would look great on that one; what do you think?

Picture via: E online,