Fall in San Francisco (Part I)

Fall in San Francisco with Starwood Group and The Luxury Collection. Via: HallieDaily

I jetted off to San Francisco to start a week of 2015 Fall with The Starwood Group and The Luxury Collection team!  It was a few days of relaxation, endless food and drinks, catching up with friends, exploring the city, enjoying the many activities The Starwood Group and The Luxury Collection team had planned for us, and, yes, I had to be away from my family for a couple days, kind of mixing happiness for escaping the home and missing them at the same time – HAHA!

It was my 4th time visiting San Francisco and every time is so different. It might be with different people, different season, and different weather, but it’s always serene and beautiful nonetheless. We spent a day in Napa which I really enjoyed; it was a beautiful day. We had a fun brunch under a lot of lights and trees; it felt like a fairly tale life. Then we got to spend some time at a winery and sipped on yummy wine and chatted, and we learned how to make our own wine!!!

The gala night in The Palace Hotel was such an unforgettable night.  I loved the quality time with a lot of talented people.  Food and service was fantastic, and the live music part was the icing on the cake!

Thank you to The Starwood Group and The Luxury Collection for making me a part of this trip!

In Chinese: 2015年秋天的第一周,我飞去了三番市,应The Starwood Group 和 The Luxury Collection的邀请,在三番市过了几天很休闲的日子。海鲜,红酒,糕点,在探索三番市的同时,与来自世界各地的朋友畅聊。很是开心。非常感谢The Starwood Group 和 The Luxury Collection为这次行程安排的一切活动,非常周到体贴。我在思念家人的同时有点乐不思蜀。(这种日子不太多,所以很珍惜)。

三番市我大概去了将近4次,每次去感觉都不太一样,也许是因为同行的人不同,每次去的气候和季节也不同。但是三番市的美景每次都让人陶醉。行程中的一天,我们一行近30人去了Napa的红酒村 ,当天的天气非常好。这是我第一次去Napa, 感觉很棒,行程中当然少不了尝各款各地的红酒,大家还在大树下用午餐,树上挂了很多灯笼,感觉就象是入了童话世界。对了,最后我们在品红酒的同时,学习了一下兑红酒的方法,自己泡制了自己喜欢口味的红洒。很有趣!

行程前三天,我们住在The Palace Hotel ,非常好的一家酒店,酒店在我们入住的一晚举办了一场晚会,美酒美食,美衣美人,是个让人难忘的夜晚,大厅里的现场表演的音乐家们的优秀演奏更是锦上添花。

在此我要再次感谢The Starwood Group 和 The Luxury Collection 的盛情邀请和热情接待。期待下次再聚!

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Fall in San Francisco (Part I)

Travel Style: Heading to SF

Hi, my dear friends, I am heading to SF for a week’s adventure with …

Please stay tuned and make sure you follow me on my Instagram so that you won’t miss all the fun.

In Chinese: 亲爱的朋友们,今天又要出门旅游去喽。


HallieDaily: Jimmy Choo Flats, DVF SecretAgent Bag, Travel Style

I am wearing: Thomas Wylde Top, JBrand Jeans, Jimmy Choo Flats and DVF SecretAgent Bag.

Travel Style: Heading to SF

Red: Alexander McQueen Dress and Valentino Rockstud Shoes

Red, Alexander McQueen Dress, Valentino Rockstud Shoes, via: HallieDaily

Normally I wear red for some special occasion; this time was to celebrate the Chinese Moon Festival (September 27).  It is the second grandest festival after the Spring Festival in China.

Some people prefer to stay at home to celebrate the festival, while others like to go outside to have a closer contact with the bright full moon.  In general, this is the holiday that means for you and your family to gather together like a full moon.  Happy Moon Festival!

In Chinese: 也许是受到小时候妈妈的影响,凡遇节日,我都喜欢穿上红色,昨天是中国的中秋节,穿上一身红带点喜气。


What I wore: Alexander McQueen Dress(on sale) / Valentino Rockstud Shoes / Valentino Bag

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Red: Alexander McQueen Dress and Valentino Rockstud Shoes