2015 S/S Fashion Trend Watch From NYFW (1): The Midriff Party

Fave of NYFW 1

As in L.A., the crop-top season hasn’t comes to a close. I am still obsessing over the midriff trend that I saw at the NYFW 2015 S/S.

This Fall/Winter, will you keep working on your belly muscle? And join the belly party next S/S ?

In Chinese: 洛杉矶这几天,热得不行。街上小MM老MM能少穿则少穿。今年的纽约时装周,透露出2015年春夏的时尚潮流,这种小露腹肌的时尚依然走红。


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Lace Dress


Happy Monday, Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Same as pearls, I think lace is one of the elements that fits me really well. Very feminine, and pretty, you have seen me wearing a lot of lace dresses on my blog (here, here, here…..)

I had people critical about me wearing pink lipstick to match my red dress. I disagree with that, instead of wearing a lot of jewelry to match this dress, I choose to wear a different tone of lips, to finish an unexpected ladylike look. —- “Confident” is the main key.

In Chinese: 亲们周末过得还好吗?准备好新的一周了吗?



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Weekend Glam: Lace Skirt and Braid

HallieDaily-Lace-Skirt-Braid 9

Happy Weekend, Everyone!

When I was a little girl, I only had one doll, a very simple and plastic one, no hair and only one build-on outfit, and the colors were fading after years of play.  I didn’t stop liking her because of that; indeed, I liked to dress her. I used a handkerchief tied on her head and it became her long hair; I used a red-ink pen to put lipstick on her (no, to my memory, my mom didn’t use lipstick until I was 20 years old). And I made her skirt and dress by using other handkerchiefs. For me, the “dress up” part was really fun, and I am still enjoying it, not on my doll, but on myself, like last night. This is something that makes me happy.

In Chinese: 亲爱的,周末快乐!


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