The “Americana” Moment with GUESS

HallieDaily Guess Nashville Collection

A couple of weeks ago, GUESS contacted me and asked me to style some of their Nashville collection, to create “Americana” stories.

After reviewing the whole collection, I chose this romantic floral print dress, together with a denim jacket embellished with studs, to mix modern and vintage styles. Suggested by Bob, we took these photos in Los Angeles Travel Town– A Train Museum.

The GUESS Fall collection is inspired from the authentic American soul of Nashville, otherwise known as Music City. So when I was styling, I tried to let the images follow sexy, playful, and free-spirited poses.

This post is a collaboration with GUESS, I am wearing head-to-toe pieces from the GUESS Fall collection — check out the Whole collection here.

In Chinese: 几周前,  GUESS  品牌联系我,让我在他们的Nashville新系列单品中,挑出几件,来搭配一个”美国梦“的造型。




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Stripes & Tan: MSGM Sweater and Jeweled Pumps

Stripe Party-MSGM-Knit-Top-Jcrew-Stripe-Pants-Celine-Bag-HallieDaily

“You are golden!” My husband told me yesterday when he saw me in the sun at the swimming pool. (We swim almost everyday.)

I told him :”That’s not good! Because in China, people like pure and white skin..” .

“But it’s different in the U.S here, people pay to get tan..” he said.

For me, I can’t change whatever color I become, but I embrace whatever nature and God bring to me.

What’s your opinion about a “beautiful skin” and sun-tanning?

In Chinese: 昨天老公在游泳池里看着阳光下的我,说:“你看上去好黑好阳光哦!” (我们这段时间有空就泡泳池。)





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Hot Pink

Hot Pink and Gray-HallieDaily

My favorite ways to dress down a fancy dress/skirt are two: the first is to pair with a denim jacket or chambray shirt, and the other one is wear a plain knit top like today. And pairing a “nature color” with a hot and bright color is another trick to balance the “drama”, too.

In Chinese: 如何将一条有夸张视觉的裙子穿出日常休闲感?我最喜欢的方式有两种:一是配年仔夹克或年仔衣,另一个就是配以一件纯色的棉毛上衣,就象我今天的这种穿着。而通常大地色或基色调配以荧光色或其他艳色则有助于平衡艳色的“戏剧感”。

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