Flowers & One Tough Mom

Mother's Day, Pretty Flowers, Mom, Son, Love, via: HallieDaily
Mother's Day, Pretty Flowers, Mom, Son, Love, via: HallieDaily

“Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.”

When Teleflora told me about their “One Tough Mother” Campaign, that’s the first thing that came to my mind.

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A Street Garden Look : Floral Top & Floral Sandals

The Street Garden Look, Carven Floral Top, Dolce & Gabbana Printed Sandals, Charlotte Olympia Brando Textured-leather Tote, Jonathan Saunders Sally Appliquéd Wool-twill Skirt, Celine Sunglasses, via: HallieDaily

Hi, there! I hope you are enjoying the Weekend so far.

I haven’t heard Bob (my husband) complain about my styles too much lately.  You know why?  It’s pretty simple, because I have been wearing a lot of colors these days.  No question that he likes me to wear colorful things, and he said that’s what attracts my readers.  “You get more ‘likes’ when you post colorful outfits,” he tells me.

Sometimes he makes that point, or has some other suggestion for my blog.  I can’t say he is totally right, but I feel good when he tells me his true opinions, because it shows me he cares about what I am doing.  I call that LOVE.

And I have to thank you, too, for being here visiting me and looking at what I wear everyday. Thank you!

In Chinese: 大家周末好吗?





What I wore:Carven Floral Top // Dolce & Gabbana Printed Sandals // Charlotte Olympia Brando Textured-leather Tote// Jonathan Saunders Sally Appliquéd Wool-twill Skirt//Celine Sunglasses//Dior Pearl Earrings(similar here)

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Lace & Pleat: Lace Top & Pink Skirt

Lovely in Ladylike Style, Lace Top, Pink Midi Skirt, Miu Miu Bow Loafers, via: HallieDaily

Happy Thursday, my friends!

People like to buy new items when the seasons change, including me.  But at the same time, I always keep my old favorites in mind, like these Miu Miu bow loafers from a couple years ago.  The metallic trend might have already faded, but to borrow a catch-phrase from my husband, “You set the trend, not follow the trend.”

I’m sure he says it as a joke for himself, because his style hasn’t changed since he was Red Bear’s age, I think — he admits he knows VERY little about fashion.  But I do agree with his theory.  (Sometimes.)  And these metallic shoes add some eye-catching touch to any outfit.


In Chinese: 亲爱的朋友们周四好!

每到换季,大家都会有“没有衣服穿”的感觉吧,然后就会想着要去买新衣服。我也一样,但同时呢,也千万别忘了我们的旧欢。比如我今天穿的这双前些年的银色的Miu Miu蝴蝶结鞋。今年高光金属质风潮在逐步淡去。但借用我先生的一句话:“你定风潮,也不去追风”。哈哈,其实他对时尚知之甚少,但是有时候他的理论还蛮在理的。


What I wore: Zara Lace Top // Cedric Charlier Ribbed Skirt // Flynn Crossed Body Bag // J.Crew Neon Earrings // Miu Miu Bow Loafers // Lips by LORAC (I am using Alter Ego Lip Gloss Southern Belle (light peach) + Alter Ego Lipstick Girl Next Door (light coral) // Sunglasses

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