An Oversized Pink Coat

HallieDaily Pink Coat and Nude Pumps_3I have friends/readers asking me what to shop for during this sale season.  My first suggestion is — coats.  Most brands and stores don’t want to stock too many coats in their warehouse, and can’t wait to get rid of them before warm weather arrives. Hahahh….just kidding, but seriously, there are still a few more months that we can wear coats, even in L.A., and there are a lot of good coats on incredible sales, and you don’t want to miss that!  You will smile next year when you wear these coats again and remember what a great deal you got by shopping these sales, getting quality for a lot less money than usual. So, choosing those classic/timeless styles is the key.  They never go out of fashion!

In Chinese: 这段时间一直有读者朋友来信问我说在这个打折季最应该买什么, 我的提议就是买大衣. 你猜吧, 很多品牌估计都不想在仓库里存太多的大衣, 既占地方又要防虫, 呵呵, 开玩笑啦. 不过认真的说, 就算我们洛杉矶这个地方, 应该还是会有一段时间可以穿到大衣的. 而且现在很多大衣都打折打得很厉害, 很多大牌2折3折也能淘得到. 明年当你又穿上这些大衣, 然后回想说当时买的时候有多划算就开心了. 所以, 现在买在选款式的时候, 选择经典款是关键.

HallieDaily Pink Coat and Nude Pumps_1

HallieDaily Pink Coat and Nude Pumps_0Oversized Pink Coat: ASOS(sold out, last seen here)

Shoes: Christian Louboutin Décolleté 100 leather pumps(love these too)

Sweater: 3.1 Phillip Lim (old)

Jewelry: Zoe Chicco Jewelry

Sunglasses:Karen Walker Super Duper

Shop Oversized Coat:


13 Replies to “An Oversized Pink Coat”

  1. this coat looks gorgeous on you.


  2. 看了又看 says:


  3. Bubblegum pink is your color!

  4. 桃色的繭型大衣漂亮!

  5. I agree with your saying,the classic is eternal.

  6. 嗨~看你的穿搭好久了,想請問你這種大衣該如何挑選呢?我一般穿UK6~8,像這種over size的大衣是否應該買大一號,如果買UK10又會不會太大?穿起來不像你這種感覺呢?

    1. Hi Joyce, 一般oversized 款的大衣就已经设计好形状了, 只需要按你平常的尺寸买就好.

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