Navy Blazer and Rockstud Shoes

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Here’s something that I wear for everyday running around and for errands between meetings: jeans, shirts, flats or low heels, and a hair bun is a timesaver when I have to prepare Red Bear’s breakfast and lunch and get him out of the door by 7:20AM.

I’m especially loving this Old Navy striped shirt — so light, so comfy, and not sheer. Oh yes! I have those problem sometimes too — look at the mirror before get out of the door and realize that I have to change to a different color bra!

In Chinese: 这段时间经常在家外面跑,除了跑家里的事,还忙着与博客相关的各种会面。所以通常都是这副装扮,年仔裤加衬衣,平底鞋或低跟鞋。早上还要帮RB准备他的早午餐,7点20分前再将他送出门去学校,为了省时间,这种高盘发式的发型绝对是首选。

很喜欢今天穿的这件Old Navy 这的竖纹衬衣,很轻,很薄,很舒适,但又不是很透明。说到衣服透明,我经常也会有这种烦恼的呢,就是出门前照照镜子,才发现需要回头换件别的颜色的内衣。

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  1. Petra Z. says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve gotten around to visiting your blog Hallie! Still in love with your style and so happy your blog has gotten the attention it deserves!

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