My Throat Is On Fire

“My Throat is on Fire”, that’s what our whole family say these days.

Red Bear cough alot during the night, can’t sleep well at night is really killing me. Thanks to the sunglasses not only block the UV, but my puffy eyes. :)

This rompers and wedges are not new, I bought them few years ago. So glad the color and style are still in right now.

From casual to dressy there is a romper for everyone. Do you wear rompers?


Red Bear几乎天天晚上都在咳嗽. 已经很多个晚上没有睡个好觉, 真的让我很抓狂. 不过很感谢这些墨镜们呢, 不仅可以阻挡射线, 还可遮盖我的肿肿眼:)

这件短连身裤和这双坡跟鞋已经买有几年了吧? 好开心颜色和款式都还没有过时呢.

短连身裤不管是休闲的还是正式的, 总有一款会适合每一个人. 你穿短连身裤的吗?

H&M Blazer

Bebe Romper


Sigerson Morrison Wedges

House of Harlow Sunglasses

Vintage Clutch

H&M Flower Pin


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    Sweet Jess says:

    這look我很喜歡!!!一看就很eyes catching. 那件romper娃娃也有是不是??
    鞋子很漂亮!!!!!好喜歡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!再加米色的配件感覺很完美, 我敢說這一身有可能上頭版啦~~~:)

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      hallieadmin says:

      我这件买了至少两年了吧, 娃娃的那件好象是新的, 不记得是什么牌子了, 娃娃是粉色控, 这种款式的她肯定喜欢的:)


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    Demy says:

    :( Aww I’m so sorry. Hope everyone gets well soon :) But at least, look at the bright side! You look gorgeous! When I feel sick, I look like a sack of potatoes. Ugly potatoes.. So yeah, you look awesome! I so love the color of the romper and the way it looks with the belted blazer! <3 Awesomeness! You're sooo beautiful! And well, sunglasses are good and soooo helpful! Perfect for bad eye days lol! And I also like your hat and ring! :)
    Red Bear is awesome too :) He is very photogenic, isn't he? His pics are always the cutest! :D
    Take care! And I hope you all get well soon :)
    Kisseeees! <3

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      Demy says:

      AND I forgot to say that I too love love LOVE rompers, they’re perfect for summer, but I’ll have to agree with the first comment lol! It’s so difficult when you need to go to the bathroom :P

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      hallieadmin says:

      A sack of potatoes? hahaah,,,that’s so funny, because we always say Red Bear is a big potatoes,,,and Red Bear’s daddy LOVE potatoes, I always laugh at them and say they have one potato head and one potato tummy:) hahaah,,,,I will let you guess which one is which:)..

      I bet you are a cute potato, I love all my potatoes!!!!! XXX

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    Van says:

    You look so pretty in this outfit! I like how you styled the belt. It’s one of my faves of your summer looks. I love the idea of rompers (it’s like a dress, but more conducive to running after a munchkin)… but haven’t quite found the one for me yet. Still on the search, though! And um… how freakin’ cute is Red Bear peaking out from the leaves??!

    Van // The Clothes We Wear
    Wearing motherhood with style.

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      hallieadmin says:

      Good luck in your rompers/jumpers searching:)

      I am waiting to see how will you style them…

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    Shasie says:

    Aww hope he stops coughing soon. I definitely wear rompers. I love them. This one that your wearing is great because it’s zip-front, and easier if you have to use the girls room as opposed to some of my button-front ones!
    Live Life in Style

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      hallieadmin says:

      hahaha….why there are so many people concern about the bathroom issues when talking about rompers?

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    sue says:


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      hallieadmin says:

      对的, RB就是这种情况, 晚上咳, 其实我和我老公也是, 应该是由感冒引起的吧.
      荔枝我们这看到超市也有卖呢, 5美金一磅, 还不太敢买, 等咳嗽好点再说吧. 谢谢SUE的关心哦.

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      hallieadmin says:

      就是啊, 咳嗽最烦人了, 不仅自己没法睡, 还影响到别人, 真的是烦…

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    coco_fine says:


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