Lusting and Choices

This year in October, I posted a picture in Instagram with me trying this Chanel Pink Suede Boy bag on. I was so in love, and I feel so bad right now that I didn’t have a chance to get it at that time.  But right now when I want to get it for myself as a Xmas gift for being a good wife and mom in 2013,  I couldn’t find it anywhere else anymore.

In Chinese: 今年十月, 我在我的Instagram 图库里发了一张我背上一个粉色香家小包的相片, 当时很喜欢, 却因为一些原因没有买下来, 现在要过节了, 想给自己买个礼物慰劳自己在2013年做了个很称职的太太和母亲, 现在想买这个包, 却找不到了.

HallieDaily Chanel Pink Suede Boy Bag
So I used Portero‘s Find It For Me service. This seamless tool made looking for the perfect bag effortless for me. All I did is click here, fill out the form with the brand, style, color, material, etc., of the item I am looking for, and then they search for it!  Before they found me the exact piece I want, they gave me some other options they have in their website right now. There are so many new choices opening up for me right now, grrrrrr….I really think I need your help for this, should I stay waiting for the Chanel Pink Boy bag, or any of this fabulous choice as below?

In Chinese: 听朋友介绍, 我上了Portero‘网站的 Find It For Me 服务系统, 让她们帮我找这个包. 其实也很简单, 就是上她家网站, 填个表, 把要找的牌子, 款式和颜色什么的都填 清楚, 她们就会根据我的要求帮我全球找包.  她们现在还没找到我喜欢的这个小粉香包, 可是却从她家网站给了我其他也很美的香家包包供选择. 你知道的, 选择太多的时候头脑开始糊涂了, 所以想请你帮个忙参考下, 我是耐心等待我的那个粉色小香? 还是在下面的选择中选一个现货?

For your information, they also offer a huge selection of rare classics, from Hermes, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton and many others. Check out this comprehensive buying guide on what makes a classic a classic.”

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  1. First of all… the bag is beautiful!… secondly, you deserve a treat…. and thirdly… thanks for the tip on this service!!!… It will be sooo helpful!… Many times I see things and I want them but no specifically at that time and then just like what happened to you… when you make up your mind to get it its gone!

  2. ooooh my !! you look like 20 years old babe ! such a stunner with mirror selfie 🙂

  3. I would wait for the pink suede one, it is stunning! 🙂

  4. I personally would go for the nude Chanel! I guess because its color is more versatile and the size more realistic. Btw, you look beautiful.

    “Suede biker jacket and patent pumps” New post on:

  5. Dear Hallie,

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    Anami, xx

  6. Maybe I can get it for you in Paris ? Or is it sold out everywhere?

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