Lady Like Gold

Couple days ago, I read a post by Marie (see,  I do read your comments and visit your blog back if you ever left a link to me. 🙂  about how she “got confused by buying luxury brand designer shoes, because most of the time, they are just sleeping in their dustbag and being comfy in the shoe rack”. Tell you what, Marie! Sometimes I have the same question, too.

I mean, while we walk on the high street brand shoes most of the time, why do we spend a lot more  money for those “brandy” shoes. I remember one of my friends once answering that question this way: ” I am really happy by just looking at them on the shoe rack everyday.” Doesn’t it sound like what Carrie said in the movie Sex and the City?  “I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet.”

I don’t think I am a material girl, but just maybe a little shopaholic sometimes, After decades of shopping experience, I still can’t find the answer for why do we spend so much money buying those luxury shoes and not wearing them often.  But I know I love them! 😀

I do feel most of my designer shoes/clothing are better made and better quality, though, but sometimes,when a $74 dress does a amazing job like this one, I go for it and love it.

In Chinese: 不得不再次重申下, 你们的留言和留下的网址, 我都是会认真的去看的, 比如这些天看到这篇Marie 写的一篇文章, 说她感到很困惑, 买的一堆名牌鞋子, 大多时候都是躺在鞋盒里睡觉, 穿的机会并不多…其实我也经常有类似的问题呢.

我经常有困扰说: 经常穿的鞋子都是高街品牌, 那么为什么还要花更多的钱去买大牌设计师的鞋子呢? 我记得以前和一个朋友聊天, 她曾经给我这么个回答:” 每天就那样摆在那, 天天看, 已经让我很开心了”.  听起来是不是和电影”Sex and the City” 里Carrie说的话有点相同感觉? 她说:” 我喜欢将钱摆在我看得到的地方—-比如挂在我的衣橱里”…

我好象也不属于太过于”物质”的女人吧? “购物狂”? 有一点点, 呵呵…十几年的购物经验, 我还是没能回答这么个问题 : 大牌设计师的鞋子穿的机会并不多, 可是为什么还是很热衷的去买…. 有一点很肯定, 喜欢!

中肯的说, 我觉得我的大牌鞋子或衣服包包什么的, 做工和质地还是要比一般品牌好的. 不过有些时候, 如果一条74美金的裙子可以穿出很好的感觉,  象今天的这条, 我是一定要买而且也是很喜欢的!

ASOS dress, Warehouse Belt

Charlie David Pumps(old)

Clutch (no brand, I bought it when I visited China in March this year)

J.Crew Bracelet, and H&M Cuff, YSL Ring

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  1. Dress is really gorgeous, I also wanted to buy it, but unfortunately it’s finished) So I’ll enjoy just with these photos)
    I also have some expensive shoes, which I wear rarely or not wear at all. But a though of owning them makes me happy)
    Girls are really weird creations)))

  2. 好美的洋裝,令人驚豔!渾身散發出優雅迷人的性感韻味,讓人沉溺。。。

  3. The print of this dress is lovely – even though it makes a bold statement, it doesn’t overwhelm you. Love the metallic accessories…perfect choice!

  4. you look like millions dollars!

  5. Drop dead classy ! I love this dress and it looks amazing on you.

    I really enjoy going through your blog.


  6. Absolutely gorgeous dress!

  7. Wow! You look amazing in this dress. It sold out so fast, you were lucky to have snagged one. Beautiful photos!

  8. Hallie, just discovered your blog on Lucky’s contributors page! I am officially addicted! And I also suffer from “shopaholism” , case in point, I may have converted the linen closet into a shoe museum. BUT, it makes me happy and it is my creative outlet. Its just unfortunate that my creativity didn’t manifest it in painting as paintbrushes are much less expensive. 🙂 Check out my blog if you get a chance!



  9. 看了又看 says:


  10. Stunning dress!!

    And yes, sometimes it is all about the “brand.” I feel ya!

  11. Gorgeous lady like ensemble Hallie love it 🙂

  12. magggie zhang says:

    真的好漂亮的裙子 O(∩_∩)O~

  13. This dress is really amazing…so sexy and feminine! And it suits you perfectly! It is indeed a really great deal 😉

  14. Looks amazing! I love how you pull off colour so easily:)

  15. that dress is pretty awesome – $75 or $750, I don’t think it matters if the fit is good and the quality is decent.

    ♥ Thankfifi

  16. Gorgeous!Love this dress!

  17. You look so lovely in this gorgeous dress! Such a great look 🙂


  19. I am speechless!! And yes there is never an answer because it all depends on how crazy girls are.. Haha..

    Anyways.. Love your dress… I know i know, it is not sometimes the brand or the price tag ~~ it is how we style and carry them that makes them precious.. 🙂

    Kisses hun.. And really classy look… And absolutely super chic..

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