Knit + Wide Legs

The most of the stuff I bought recently are knit sweaters, since the coat is not really practical for the weather here in Los Angeles.

Talking about weather, have you felt the strong Santa Ana wind if you are in Los Angeles? According to the National Weather Service,  it could be “the strongest offshore wind event we have seen in the past few years,”  In fact, even Los Angeles International Airport was closed for a while by the strong winds, and parts of the city have no electric power this morning because trees have been blown over onto power lines.
Stay strong, stay stable!
In Chinese: 最近买得最多的就是毛衣,生活在洛杉矶这种天气里,厚重的大衣还真的来得不实际.

谈到天气,如果你人也在洛城,你感受到了强烈的Santa Ana飓风吗?依着国家气象服务中心的说法:"这应该是过去几年里我们所遇到的最强烈的飓风",据说因为飓风的关系,洛杉矶国际机场还临时关闭了一段时间,部分地区还因飓风的影响而断电. 大家可要保重, 站稳了哦!

I was wearing: Theory Sweater, Gap trousers(old, similar style here), Steve Madden Sandals, CC Skye Bag(old), H&M Sunglasses, Tarnish Floppy Hat, H&M Ring

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  1. wow sounds wild in LA lol here it’s just colder that expected but nothing like those wind of yours! 🙂 and the latest things I’ve bought are sweaters too! 😀 I love the trousers! I love the sweater! I love the sunglasses!!! I love everything!!! 🙂 and I’m so happy to see that you’ve opened a facebook page! that way I always get notifications if u upload anything! 🙂

    1. It’s wild! the school closed, and some of my friends have to stay in the hotel for 2 days because of lacking power in their house!!! we are luck for just have some broken trees felt down everywhere around the house! maybe you can see that through the news…:D

    2. P.S. I am happy that you like my facebook page too, because I never know the facebook can be good for my readers…lol…I didn’t really put more effort on it…sighs…

  2. Amazing outfit!
    I love everything!!!


  3. 說起毛衣。我在夏末時,就已經買了很多毛衣了。但我都喜歡買短版的,這樣就能更顯瘦及腿長。不然那種大size的寬鬆毛衣也不錯,也很顯纖細喔!

    1. 哈哈,,,我就知道你是什么都不会错过,,,夏末的时候就买了?那还不赶快穿上?什么时候拍照看看?:)

  4. You look fab! Love the outfit..please check out my blog..

  5. 看了又看 says:


    1. 可不是嘛, 所以我最近看到漂亮的毛衣就下手, 呵呵

  6. Love everything about this outfit! You are truly so amazingly stylish!!! Lots of love, Rita))

  7. Amazing knit sweater ! Love it !

    Xoxo from Japan

  8. Loving this outfit hun! =D love the chunky knit with the wide leg pants… it has a good balance. Don’t forget to sign up for my giveaway on my blog =D

  9. Great knit!Looks great with the wide leg pants!

  10. Wow…crazy weather. Ok, let me just say that I fell in love with your sweater…sigh…it’s perfect. And paired with wide-legged pants = awesomeness 😉

  11. u look great in this outfit! love your sweater so much! wide leg pants is something i couldn’t pull off but it looks great on u.

    strong wind like this, in HK, it would be called typhoon no. 8 or higher. stay safe!! xoxo

  12. I love the sweater!!! I need some of them too, but I need them because it’s getting colder here in Spain and I need some warm clothes under my coat! I love the trousers too but I’m not sure if I’m ready for the elephant leg fitting… Still using skinnies… ^.^


    1. Indeed, most I recent bought are skinnies, and those elephant legs was really bought long time ago, but sometime, little bit change is fun:)

  13. great sweater darling *__*

  14. Wide pants!I’m in love!I bought a lot of sweater lately too,but I need them under my coat:)

  15. Santa Ana wind?? Is it something like a hurricane? Sounds scary… And I hope that your area didn’t get a lot of damage..
    As for the look, you look AMAZIN!!! These pants make your legs look miiiiles long! And the sweater is sooo pretty, the fit is perfect! The shoes are the cherry on top, perfection 🙂 Always the best combos! 😀

  16. Who is that sinister-looking person wearing all black, standing next to you in the second photo? Scary.

    1. Rats!

  17. That knit sweater looks so comfy! Also love how it adds some subtle colour to your outfit ^^ Hope that you had a good week!

  18. 毛线衣好漂亮哦。配着长裤很高挑,既时尚又干练。

    1. sue,生日快樂~ 🙂

      1. 谢谢,小欣妈咪。。一直喜欢你的文笔。不过你的相册是一直都进不了。

      2. 你这家伙,嘴巴真甜,抢在我前面了啦!

    2. 呀, 我迟到了迟到了!晚了两天给SUE送上生日的祝福!希望现在还来得及,祝SUE新生一年里,心想事成,万事如意,身体健康!更要祝事事为人着想,心地善良的你在新生一年里能得到更多人的爱,也祝我们的友谊天长地久:)

      1. 谢谢Hallile,很高兴收到你们的祝福。

        1. 也很開心收到妳的祝福啊!總之大家都要一起幸福~



        2. 同学录,好遥远的记忆,不过也很美好:)

  19. love this shabby chic look!!! the shoes and sweater are soo great together. yikes, i didn’t know that was going on in L.A. hopefully the wind wont be so crazy ><

    1. Thanks God, the wind stopped today, and we have a very beautiful Sunday!:)

  20. Me encanta el look!
    Acabo de descubrir tu blog a través de Zara People, y me gusta mucho.
    Te sigo ya!!
    Pásate por mi blog y lo ves.
    Un beso.

  21. I LOVE this look! I have to say wide legs are my absolute favorite type of pants. Comfy, modest, and chic.

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