Grounded Weekender

Although I am crazy about heels, once a while I like to have my feet really touch the ground when we go out:), especially if we take time playing in the park.

Bob made Red Bear a toy American Indian spear [actually, he just used his knife to sharpen the end of a little tree branch that our recent wind blew to the ground] when we were having some fun in the park.  Well, Red Bear really has 1/16 American Indian blood, and our boy really went crazy with his spear, running around, yelling “war whoops,” and generally terrorizing the trees, grass, and sky!  Maybe he likes to watch old Western movies too much on Saturday mornings, and he was acting them out!

In Chinese: 尽管我很痴迷于高跟鞋,可是有些时候外出的时候,偶尔我还是会选择让我的脚丫子接触地球的.特别是有空去公园逛逛的时候.

这天当我们在公园玩的时候,老公给宝宝做了一条印第安人用的木箭枪(其实他也只是从地上随便捡了根树枝用刀削尖了一端),而我家Red Bear--这个有着1/16印第安人血统的宝宝开始又叫又舞,扮演"印第安人疯狂状",嘴里嚷嚷着印第安人特有的那种叫声,将木箭枪又是敲树,又是割草,还有对着天空怒吼,哈哈,也许是周六早上和老爸看西部牛仔电影看多了,学上喽!

I was wearing: Theory Sweater, Riley Jeans(old, like this one too), Joie boots(old), Botkier Bag(old, similar style here), Rag and Bone Hat, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Vintage Necklace from a friend.




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  1. Gorgeous pics, I like the “effect” of background.

  2. 是啊,挺少見親愛的穿上平底鞋呢!今天這身很休閒。雖沒穿上高跟鞋,但親愛的看起來身材比例也很棒喔,又瘦腿又細的,很美呢!

    1. 我的腿比起你的腿来说就是大象腿啦,哈哈...

  3. I love these pictures!Gorgeous sweater!

  4. You look great! Love the effortless look!

  5. Cute story! I like how from the back the sweater looks quite normal, but from the front there’s such an interesting design. Have a good rest of the week!

  6. 看了又看 says:


  7. 毛线衣好漂亮哦。搭配破洞牛仔裤更酷了。这样的搭配踏青很好啊。。

  8. 好美的毛衣! 好美的头发!有点文艺,又有点随性。。。看得我都语无伦次了。。。呵呵

  9. 穿平底鞋身材比例也很好哇, 那个木箭枪看着RB玩有点危险哦
    我的微博不懂干吗评论不了, 现在没挡屏幕了, 但是全屏的话图片又有点变形哦

  10. Casual Hallie…me likeyyyy!!!

  11. wow you just look so.. cool! lol and u know I like it when u wear flats cause that gives me more ideas cause all I wear is flats 🙁 and this is sooo inspiring and i guess that 4 u as someone who always wear heals it’s nice for a change to actually walk on the ground haha and sounds like RB’s having fun ! have a nice week Hallie xoxo 😀

  12. you do have a indian look with this outfit! very lovely! especially love your sweater and boots. that is so boho!

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  13. I love your shoes with that bag! So simple + chic!

  14. Hehe fuuny little man!I love this outfit,so casual and chic!The hat gave it a twist,love it!

  15. I love the rugged and casual vibe of your boots and sweater. Your style always inspires me! Your son is the cutest, does he like shopping?

  16. Aww yeah! You both do look like Indians hahah! I love sooooo much this outfit, I can’t even explain how much. It’s just so simple that it’s perfect. There’s nothing missing, nothing too much. Just perfect. Your sweater made my heart skip a beat and omgooooood I’m in desperate love with your bag and boots! You’re so awesome, really. I’m still waiting to see your wardrobe haha 😛 Red Bear is so cute! I’ve kind of missed him in the last posts 🙂 He is the best child evaaa! And he likes western movies? Jesus, I remember that my brother always, ALWAYS watched western cartoons and movies and I always wanted to watch Barbie lol, but he’d never leave me watch it 😛 I was a crybaby back then, and he was a real teaser. I don’t know how we ended up so close.. You should make a sis for your bear, he’d love it 🙂

  17. 我近來都是穿平底啊!因為要去練舞,我一直想問啊,我們zara那雙高跟鞋,你有穿著上街嗎?我看照片你好像很輕鬆的,而我穿起來走路鞋子後跟就會很容易褪掉,好難走的,只能穿來拍照好可惜啊!

    1. 在鞋子后贴块胶吧, 我的很多鞋子都会有贴, 就是怕掉….我有穿着上街, 但是是那种不用走很长路的那种, 走得久了, 我也会有干脆把鞋子拎在走上, 光着脚走的时候, 哈哈…

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