Meeting some old friends here these days, feeling so warm and bringing back so many good memories.

I took some pictures while visiting some old friends in a local new tourist site.  I borrowed some of the items from them to include in my outfit pictures.  It was so much fun, like dressing up a doll when I was a little girl —  fantastic!

“The best mirror is an old friend.”—George Herbert

In Chinese: 这些天都在不停的访问朋友们,感觉亲切的同时,带回了不少美好的回忆。


借用George Herbert的一句名言:一面最好的镜子是一位老朋友。

I was wearing: Vintage Blazer, H&M Shirt and floral pants, Michael Kors Watch, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Dolce Vita booties, YSL clutch and pumps borrowed from my friend Jackie; Thanks to Sunny (in the last picture) for the picture taking 🙂   Oh, and thanks to  Sunny for the Chanel bag in the first picture.

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  1. Hallie, I just love the way you wear those floral pants! those glasses looks fabulous on you!
    xo, Tina

  2. I love your take on these pants!! 🙂 Absolutely gorgeous and classic!

  3. Love your pants here! And your son is getting so big! Such a cutie like his mama 🙂

  4. 看了又看 says:


  5. 這組照片很漂亮呢!

  6. I love those pants so much!


  7. Just when I thought you can’t get any more beautiful, you styled this! I so want those pants, but they are sold out everywhere!
    You are gorgeous! And I love different variations you did with this outfit:)

  8. You look amazing as always Hallie! And Red Bear got so big…really…maybe because of the haircut but it looks like he got taller…too cute for words. xoxo

  9. So chic!Love the pants and the bag!

  10. Love the ensemble my sweet Hallie!! The floral pants are so beautifully blended with your gorgeous long hair and the variety of accesories and elements you’ve styled it with!! I particularly loved it with the chanel bag and the booties! 🙂

    A big hug to Red Bear from me!! 🙂

  11. so fun playing dress up with your friends. u look great!! enjoy the rest of your trip!! xoxo

  12. You totally rock the floral trend! Everytime you wear something floral its gorgeous. (^_^)

  13. WOW WOW WOW, aren’t you the hottest mom in town? You look great, as always! Great pants! I’m kinda jealous with you!



  14. 跟老朋友聚頭永遠都是有趣的!! 難得的是她們也一樣愛時尚, 可以和你來玩玩交換服飾呀~~


  15. I’m so happy you’re having a nice time, Hallie <3 It's always amazing to meet old friends, and especially if they are so stylish haahha! You both look simply stunning, I have no words to express it! 🙂 And Red Bear is the cuuutest, you cut his hair? He looks even cuter this way. And..hmm..I can say I'm pretty jealous of his t-shirt ahhaha 😀

  16. I’m crazy about those pants and I’ve been wearing them a lot lately!;)

  17. I love that saying. So very sweet. Great photo of you two, love your pants!

  18. WOW is the only thing I can say about this, just… WOW.

  19. Absolutely LOVE those pants Hallie!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  20. gahh i love your pants!!!!!!!!

  21. Hi Hallie!
    I featured this look of yours in my blog post about these amazing H&M floral pants 🙂
    Here’s the link to the post if you’re interested:
    Of course I posted a link to your blog!
    Keep up the great looks <3
    Rio from FashionBento

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