Camel Coat and DIY Paper Bag

So, do you recycle your holiday packing stuff, like paper bags, bows, or some boxes in good shape? I do, keeping the bows for next holiday, or transforming a paper shopping bag into a Jil Sander Inspired Paper clutch.

想问你个问题, 节日过后, 你对用过的包装袋和蝴蝶结等, 是不是做回收利用? 我可是很小心的把那些完整无缺的包装饰品保存下来,完好的蝴蝶结供下一个节日使用, 而象那种包装纸袋, 要么以后上街购物时用, 要么可以象今天这样, 把拎耳部分剪了去, 做成象Jil Sander 品牌2012很火的纸拎包(如果你有关注我的微博, 我在微博上就有提及)


I have always loved a camel coat for the winter, thanks to Tart Collections for this beautiful camel trench coat. I like it can be used to dress up like the model wear in their website here, and I like it can be used to dress casually like I did today.

一直都很想要一件驼色大衣过冬, 谢谢 Tart Collections 品牌赞助的这款漂亮的驼色风大衣, 我喜欢象她家网站模特试穿那样(可以点击这里看看), 穿得很正统, 也喜欢象我今天这样做为休闲搭配.

I hope you don’t mind that I share the last picture with you, Red Bear accidentally got hurt when roughhousing with his dad while I was checking the pictures inside the camera.  He cried like a baby and asked for comfort from Mommy….If you are a mom as well, and you might know, at the moment when your kid tells you, “I need you to comfort me”, your heart melts…Ahhhh…..I can’t imagine one day they will grow up and wouldn’t want to cry in your arms anymore.

最后, 希望你不要烦我太”婆妈” 又将与RB的相片与你分享. 这天拍完相片, 当我在查看相机相片的时候, RB和他爸爸开始玩”拳击博斗”, 不小心被他老爸的皮鞋踢到. 虽说只是小碰伤, 但你知道的, 孩子们有些时候就是要象宝贝一样, 哭哭啼啼的要妈妈疼. 没有孩子的朋友可能无法体会这种心情, 但是当你有了孩子, 你就能感受到, 当孩子哭着跑向你的怀抱, 要你疼, 要你爱的时候, 你的心都要融化了….汗….真无法想象, 将来总有那么一天,  他要长大成人, 不会再象这样, 被你抱着”疼”了.


Tart Collections  Camel trench coat(c/o),

J.Crew Shirt, Converse Sweatpants(old, similar here),

Zara Shoes, DIY Paper Clutch

Stella McCartney Sunglasses(Thanks to Sunglassesshop)

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  1. 看了又看 says:

    Paper Bag很特别啊!还真是创意无处不在!投向妈妈怀抱的RB好惹人爱啊,呵呵!

  2. 头发剪短了?

  3. 還以為妳又淘了新包包呢!親愛的真有巧思。紙玲包真有創意,和駝色大衣很相襯呢!

  4. Stunning coat! Hope the DIY paperbag is doing you good! 😀
    The last photo is so adorable <3


  5. adorable

    love the look and the refashioned bag – genius!

    ♥ Thankfifi

  6. I wish you a fun, fulfilling and fabulous 2013!

  7. The last image is heart melting indeed! I always love how you share small and meaningful moments of your mother role together with inspiring us with your amazing aesthetics and style!

    PS totally thought that the paper bag was a new designer it bag!! 😉

    Have the best year my dear filled with interesting and blissful days!

  8. Very chic!Love the coat and the shoes!

  9. You look amazing!

  10. So cute Hallie.. I know what u mean… It’s the cutest and sweetest things when they run to mom for comfort!!

  11. oooh honey, these pics are so awesome and your outfit as well !! love the way you mixed it! and your son looks so sweeeet like a little candy♥♥
    kisses your new follower from

  12. OMG! Love the paper bag, so dang cute.

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