Distressed Jeans

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In my whole wardrobe, what my husband hates the most are the distressed jeans — he just can’t stand to look at clothes with hole in them. I know that bother a lot of other people, too. Apparently I am OK with holes! What do you think about distressed jeans?

I better keep this post short today, it’s Red Bear’s 5 years old birthday, Hoo-Ray Red Bear! He is start unwrapping his gifts right now. I better run! See you soon!

In Chinese: 我的整个衣橱, 我老公最痛恨的就是破洞牛仔裤, 他就看不得身上衣服有洞. 我知道也不光止他一人, 很多人都不太习惯破洞牛仔这种流行趋势. 显而易见, 我是一点问题都没有. 你呢? 对破洞牛仔裤怎么看?

今天就不和你聊这么多了, 今天是RB的5岁生日哦! RB小男子汉生日快乐!  他现在已经开始拆生日礼物了, 我得跑了, 随后见!

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Necklace/Sandals/Tank : Zara (recent)

Oversized Blazer: Forever21(old)

Distressed Jeans: One Teaspoon

Bag: Celine Nano

Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry(Thanks to W Concept)

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19 Replies to “Distressed Jeans”

  1. the small celine bag is supercute but your jeans are supercool ! 🙂

  2. I am with your husband here! Those holes are quite big! hahaha.. A little distressed is fine, but very big holes do not look that good! But you look chic here! And a very happy birthday to your son! He is super cute.. God bless him!

  3. You look always so fantastic,i love those jeans and the heels!

  4. 剛問了我家老公,他說〝我討厭曝露的〞哈哈哈哈:D


    祝小RB〝Happy Birthday〞天天開心 ^^

  5. I love ripped jeans but i have none 🙁
    Mum always told me not to have holes in my clothing, and i know lot of people that thinks it’s weird too.
    But you look amazing!
    Happy Birthday to Red Bear 😀 my best wishes foy your cute little boy xx

  6. My husband hates my distressed BF denim too. It’s so funny how men and woman have such different opinions on fashion!

    You look great!


  7. I like distressed jeans! I think they make it look like I loved them so much that I don’t care if they are worn out!

  8. This necklace rocks! Beautiful look as ever and ignore your husband like I ignore my boyfriend when he tries to give me fashion advice!! Haha 😉
    Rosie x

  9. 看了又看 says:


  10. I LOVE your distressed jeans! Men will never “get” it! And a very happy birthday to your Red Bear!!

    knocked up fabulous

  11. I absolutely love the necklace, heels & jeans. Great outfit!

    Lubna | ELLE VOX
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  12. totally in love with this outfit !

    International BEAUTY Giveaway !

    Coline ♡

  13. Hey!
    I saw your looks on lookbook and you have a wonderful style! I really love distressed jeans. In my latest post I’ve put a look with zara jeans like these ones!
    I have this necklace and I love it!!!!

    Liliana from Um Blog Fashion

  14. I know people always think it’s funny to buy jeans with holes and rips in them. I may not pay a ton of money for them, but if that’s the look you want, sometimes it’s better to pay for them than doing it yourself! 🙂 Happy birthday to your son! Hope you have a great weekend Hallie! <3


  15. doesn’t upset me at all – the more holes the better
    happy birthday to your boy.x


  16. I think distressed jeans are cool! Definitely a great item to pair with summer tops.
    I believe men and women really have differences when it comes to accepting extreme things in fashion. My bf don’t understand why women should own a cape or even wearing one. He think it’s a silly thing to have. I think it’s such a cool item to be in my closet! =D

  17. Loving your jeans!!!

    xoxo, Diana ☠

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