Oct 242011

My sister-in-law came to visit us last weekend from Minnesota.  The weather on the weekend was amazing, warm and beautiful.  We had fun together!

 Mixing contrary material and style is fun, too. Whenever you see me wear flats, it really means I have a long walk that day.

In Chinese: 老公的姐姐上个周末从明尼苏达州来探访我们,刚好周末的天气温暖宜人,一起度过了一个愉快的周末.


Alice + Olivia Military Jacket

Forever21 Skirt

Topshop Boots

Warehouse Bag

Karen Walker Sunglasses

Tee c/o Romwe.com


  33 Responses to “Contrary”

  1. Beautiful look,honey!Love the skirt and the jacket!

  2. Ah!!! This coat is peeeeerfect!! Perfect!!! I love the details of it, it’s adorable! And the skirt is lovely, so cute :) I love how the boots ‘toughen’ it up, it’s just what it needed to not make you look like a ballerina :D Awesomeness! :D Ah, yes, indeed, we’re not really used to see you wearing flat shoes! So I guess there was a lOT of walking going on hahahah :D Many many kisses! <3

  3. Amazing skirt and I love the military jacket! Cute booties too!

  4. Lovely, Hallie! Sweet romantic, but edgy. xo

  5. 好看,外套的剪裁很动感,漂亮,还有纱纱裙,配在一齐刚柔并存。干练夹着甜美。以前觉得这样的鞋子难配,原来配着很漂亮哦。效果还是要搭配出来的。

  6. I love the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine. You’re so smart for wearing flat boots!

  7. 外套好好看喔!喜歡它那拿破崙風格的假排扣,還有剪裁,太精緻了!

  8. 看了又看


  9. I love tutu skirts…I mean I’m crazy about them. I love how you gave an edgier look to this outfit with the military jacket and the boots. Gorgeous as always!

  10. awesome jacket! love it that u wore it with girly tutu skirt :)

  11. I like the play on volume with the different layers/material of the skirt! Long walks are good times to break out the flat shoes, definitely (:

  12. 除了一身漂亮的搭配,还有好看养眼的头发。。。。

    • Hallie


  13. Ohh tutu skirt!I love it!Esp with that amazing jacket!I have similar skirts in black in white,I have to wear them more often;)

  14. ahhhh I missed u lol I’ve been in the US and my computer had to stay @ home:( but I’m back!!! and I read all the posts that you’ve posted since I left!!! hahaha and wooooooowww it’s like u just get better and better!!!! I love 2days look so so much!!! and I’m fourteen so I actually wear flats all the time (sad huh?) so I actually like it when u wear flats cause the it’s easier to inspire from u!:)

  15. this jacket is wonderful!

  16. 我去年也买了差不到一样的外套,从来没想起来配过裙子,hallie 总给我灵感..

    • Hallie

      这件外套我也很久没穿了,每次穿上总觉得怪怪的, 不知道是不是因为有了垫肩的关系...或者我脖子短:(

  17. Hey Hallie! I love how you toughened up the tulle skirt with that military style jacket! Stay awesome always!


  18. absoulutely love this outfit. love all the textures!

    Charlotte x

  19. 二宝妈妈

    话说每次不知道该穿什么的时候,我就会上来看看Hallie的网页,找点灵感或干脆copy一套,哈哈! Hallie 你不会介意吧!?

    • 能被人COPY, 那是我的荣幸!:)
      你能喜欢我的风格, 我高兴还来不及又怎么会介意咧:)

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