We Tried the Clear & Brighten Treatment & We Loved It!

My sister is so different than I, from personality to looks.  While I am a “scaredy cat” about trying all the new beauty technology, she already is a fan of all laser treatments, laser hair removal, laser scar removal, and she is also thinking about getting a tattoo lately!  (I know, we both are very, very slow even to think about a tattoo —  I am even slower, maybe it would never happen to me.). So, before she went back to China after visiting us for a few months, she wanted to go explore the latest popular beauty tech in the U.S. Recommended by a Chinese friend, we went to the New Life Wellness Spa in Pasadena.

After we checked out all the services they have, my sister decided to try their “Beauty IV drip” before getting a “Clear & Brighten” treatment, and I decided to try something while I was waiting. — the Super IV Drip.  I take my daily vitamins without fail because I believe my body needs all the right vitamins to keep me healthy and feeling good.  We take our health pretty seriously in our family!  The “Super IV drip” comes with vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants that will help to make a healthy body and lifestyle.   If you haven’t heard about these IV drips before, neither had I!  But before I went for it, I did some checking of my own to learn more about it.

Here is some information — benefit and risk —  about the IV drip treatment that I learned from USNews:…””It works because if you look at vitamins and minerals, along with hormones and other chemicals in the body, these are the body’s building blocks; they’re our body’s natural pharmacy, and they’re used in numerous physiological pathways.”  It went on, “What you put in your body controls how your cells function at the cellular level, and when your cells are working properly, your organs are working properly, and when your organs are working properly and optimally, your overall health improves.”  With that and some other information, I decided to go ahead with the Super IV drip.


Here’s how it affected me.  I immediately felt refreshed and my body felt lighter during the IV drip process, to be honest.  It took about 20 minutes.

Now let’s get back to my sister’s “Clear & Brighten” Treatment.  It’s actually a laser treatment for the face.  The nurse told us that my sister might get red and swollen after the treatment. but she didn’t feel any pain at all because they did put some good numbing cream on before the treatment started.  Thirty minutes later, she was done and it was hard to see any redness or swelling, except a little slight swelling under the eyes.


We expected to see her face got darker and red, but we could barely see even any pink after Day 2.  In fact, my sister went out on a date after only 24 hours, and just used some light make-up in the area where she had the “Clear and Brighten” treatment. She went out for a date after 24 hours, and she did apply some light make up. “When I touch my face, the skin feels like sand,” my sister said, but I couldn’t see anything different; although when I used my fingers to touch her face, I could feel that sensation, too. ?P.S. the “sand” sensation is a normal in day 3 and day 4, and it will be gone in a couple days.)


At Day 3, my sister and I went to a fashion event together, and I didn’t notice any pinkness on her skin, but it still had a little of the “sandy” sensation. But I can tell her face is glowing!

Then my sister returned to China, and I was waiting to hear her final report on the “Clear and Brighten” treatment.

She sent me some pictures yesterday and she really looks great, with a kind of glowing base when I compare her “before” and “after” photos.  Of course, different lighting might lead to different appearance in the pictures, but my sister herself says he really loves the final result (and the “sandy” feeling disappeared soon after she returned to China).  Now she can’t wait to get some more treatment in a couple months when she comes and visits us during the holiday seasons.



Thank you to New Life Wellness Spa for working with us on this post; I specially give thanks to all their professional Chinese/English speaking consultants and nurses who made the experience very comfortable, so it felt like home.

Oh, now I am thinking to go back for some Beauty + Skinny IV Drip — want to try it with me?






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